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I, Omnibus went to NYCC 2017. Here are my thoughts.

K2SO at NYCC 2017 Another New York Comic Con has come and gone. And as the convention continues to evolve and grow every year, the rules to adapt and survive continue to evolve as well. Any media outlet, any social media account, any YouTube channel can recap the events, the panels, the breaking news, and especially the cosplay, so I’ll leave that aside (except maybe the cosplay). Here’s what I learned… Continue reading “I, Omnibus went to NYCC 2017. Here are my thoughts.”

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The Top Ten Comic Book Mini Series

Marvel Civil War

“I don’t need your civil war,”
– Guns N’ Roses, “Civil War”

During the 1980’s, the comic book industry, after seeing the success it brought the television networks the previous decade, decided to create their own mini-series. Before then, if a comic book wanted to tell an extended story, they would just tell the story over multiple issues with little to no fanfare. The story arc would be given a name after the fact (e.g.: the X-Men’s “Dark Phoenix Saga” is the name given to issues #129 – 138 of the comic title, “Uncanny X-Men.”) But when comic books industry hit its first bubble in the eighties, the companies decided that they can generate even more sales if they hyped their story arcs ahead of time, and dubbed them as events. And it worked! Continue reading “The Top Ten Comic Book Mini Series”

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2017 NYCC will not sell 3-Day or 4-Day passes

New York Comic Con (NYCC 2012)

It’s almost that time of the year again! Which means it’s pre-pre registration time for New York Comic Con tickets. Those that jumped through their hoops to get tickets last year, like myself, received a new message in their inboxes this morning. It’s from ReedPOP, the company that runs NYCC. It’s a typical newsletter sent to fans. The good news is that the dates for this year’s NYCC is October 5 – 8, 2017. But it includes one paragraph of what many might consider bad news…. Continue reading “2017 NYCC will not sell 3-Day or 4-Day passes”

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The Top Ten Mutants


“But what to do when they’re all looking at you
‘Cuz you’re the freak of the week, ‘cuz you’re on the TV”

Marvelous 3 – “Freak of the Week”

The term “mutant” covers a lot of ground, and has a very broad definition. Not for me. Continue reading “The Top Ten Mutants”

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The Top Ten Sidekicks


“‘Here’s Johnny!’ he says, and “second fiddle” is his game,

“Weird Al” Yankovic – “Here’s Johnny”

Nowadays, it seems that everyone needs to have a sidekick. Obviously, the Marketing Department has had a major influence on this. And it doesn’t even matter if you are a hero, villain, or a neutral bystander, you either have a sidekick, or are somebody’s else’s sidekick. Look at me, I’m a sidekick on my very own podcast! Continue reading “The Top Ten Sidekicks”

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Poll: The Beast (Marvel) vs The Beast (Beauty & The Beast)


(Editor’s Note: The following was written by Keith Feltenstein.)

n our next “Versus” round up, we have two fuzzy furball manimals. We have Beast from Marvel comics, and we have The Beast from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast! Now that Disney owns Marvel Comics, we have a redundancy of Beasts in the House of Mouse. One of them has gotta go. Who would make a better beast? Who stays, and who goes? Here is a little something about each character: Continue reading “Poll: The Beast (Marvel) vs The Beast (Beauty & The Beast)”

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The Top Ten Fictional Dinosaurs


“Is it a big fat polyester dinosaur who’s the color of an International House of Pancakes with a paper plate over his face?”
– Yakko Warner (Animaniacs) – “Baloney and Kids”

Cartoons love to anthropomorphize animals, no matter what the species. Sometimes it is used to sometimes sneak stuff past the sensor’s radar. But it’s mostly to sell a bunch of toys and merchandise. For the most part, it works when we anthropomorphize certain mammals, because it’s so cute, we can suspend our disbelief. Not so much when it comes to dinosaurs. There are too many differences between humans and dinosaurs, physically and intellectually.  Continue reading “The Top Ten Fictional Dinosaurs”

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POLL: Mayor McCheese vs The Burger King


Editor’s Note: The following was originally written by Keith Feltenstein.)

In our next “Versus” match, we have two character related elected officials. In one corner, we have Mayor McCheese (McDonald’s.) And in the other corner, we have The Burger King (Burger King). Which elected official would you like to see run your area? We will let you decide. Who would win? Here is a little something about each character: Continue reading “POLL: Mayor McCheese vs The Burger King”