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New forbidden word = “piggyback”

I’ve seen some lists of words that should be banished, and I have one I’d like to add to the list. No, not “Linsanity.” That is just a fad that will fall out of favor within a year, regardless of Lin’s NBA career.  The word I’m thinking of is “piggyback.” As in , “I’d like to piggyback on what the last person just said….” I don’t know exactly when this got traction, but a better question is why it gained traction and popularity. I hear it almost every day at work, and I can’t stand it. Whenever I hear someone say, “I’d like to piggyback on that last comment,” I hear, “I have nothing original to add to the conversation, but I just love hearing myself talk, so I am going to just reiterate what the last person said, but using slightly different words.” What ever happened to, “I was about to say the same thing, and here is another point to support that position…”? Or, “I want to second that motion by mentioning the following…”? The word “piggyback” conjures up an image that is close to being a leech or a parasite. It gives off an impression of laziness, not inspiration. Folks, please do me a favor. If you hear someone use the word “piggyback” in a conversation, and that person is not physically carrying someone, please smack him/her upside their head. Thank you.


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