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Can a site like Channel Awesome work in 2018?

If you are (or were) a fan of That Guy With The Glasses, The Nostalgia Critic, or any of the producers that are or were affiliated with Channel Awesome, then I’m sure you are aware of the current firestorm brewing about that site. For those of you unaware of the site, here is a brief synopsis: Channel Awesome (CA) is a site that was originally created to promote of whole bunch of internet critics, who reviewed a wide variety of pop culture: from movies, to comic books, to video games, to anime, to pop music. Each producer had their own niche. But the “star” of CA is the site’s host, Doug Walker, a.k.a. “The Nostalgia Critic”, a.k.a. “That Guy With The Glasses”. In fact, used to be (I’m not hyperlinking on purpose). So it is no surprise that Doug would get top billing. Since its inception, many producers have come and gone. There were always rumors about certain personalities leaving on bad terms. But since most of the former producers kept quiet on the details, they remained as rumors. And since CA removed ex-contributors’ content immediately and with no fanfare (with one notable exception), many fans were kept in the dark. Until recently… Continue reading “Can a site like Channel Awesome work in 2018?”


It’s that time again – time for Animaniacs?!

Animaniacs OST1

IndieWire has some breaking news. The fine folks of Amblin Television and Warner Bros. Animation are planning to reboot the 1990s cartoon classic, “Animaniacs.” And even the original Executive Producer, Steven Spielberg, whose name was a part of the official title, is also reported to be involved in this new project! Continue reading “It’s that time again – time for Animaniacs?!”

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles VS. Kung Fu Panda


(Editor’s Note: This post was originally written by Keith Feltenstein.)

This week we have a very special anthropomorphic rock ’em sock ’em, beat ’em up “Versus”!  A hoedown throwdown, so to speak. It’s more martial arts mayhem, as we have the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vs Kung Fu Panda and The Furious Five! So who would you vote for to win this fight? Here’s a little about each team: Continue reading “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles VS. Kung Fu Panda”

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Batman: The Killing Joke will be Rated “R”


Batman: The Killing Joke isn’t kidding around. Warner Bros’. direct-to-video animated film based on the notorious Alan Moore comic has been rated R. EW got the exclusive directly from the studio’s home entertainment division. Continue reading “Batman: The Killing Joke will be Rated “R””

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Mathilda (The Professional) Vs Penny & Brain (Inspector Gadget)


[Editor’s Note: The following was written by Keith Feltenstein]

When we think of main characters, we usually don’t concentrate on the sidekicks too much. But usually the sidekick is the one that’s taking care of business – especially if your sidekicks are Bachman-Turner Overdrive. This week, we are focusing on 2 very special sidekicks – Mathilda from The Professional, and Penny & Brain from “Inspector Gadget”. Who would you want protecting your back? Who is the one you want to see you get out of a bad spot? We will let you decide. Continue reading “Mathilda (The Professional) Vs Penny & Brain (Inspector Gadget)”

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Dragon’s Lair: The Movie reaches its Indiegogo goal – now comes the hard part


Back in October, 2015, creators Don Bluth and Gary Goldman went online to help crowdfund a movie based on their 1983 mega-hit arcade game, Dragon’s Lair. If successfully rescuing The Princess Daphne has seemed a nigh impossible task to even the most skilled player, the game’s creators are embarking on an even greater mission — creating a feature-length prequel to Dragon’s Lair that will bring traditional hand-drawn animation back to the big screen. And from the looks of things, they just might manage it. Continue reading “Dragon’s Lair: The Movie reaches its Indiegogo goal – now comes the hard part”

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An examination of A Charlie Brown Christmas special

cbxmas We have reached the 50th anniversary of one of the most famous television specials of all-time. The message was simple: the December holiday was being co-opted by commercialism, and it’s time to put Christ back into Christmas. In other words, this is about the “War on Christmas.” he fact that it’s aired every year since shows that the war was over before it begun. It’s time to put this under the microscope, and explain why this holiday special is part of the problem, and is vastly overrated.   Continue reading “An examination of A Charlie Brown Christmas special”

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Will Production I.G remake FLCL?


Anime production company Production I.G announced the acquisition of the original rights to the FLCL OVA, which made its debut back in 2000. Recognizing the international popularity of the six-episode anime—directed by Kazuya Tsurumaki (Gunbuster 2), with I.G, Gainax, and King Records making up the production committee—and the exposure it got from its English-dubbed broadcast, The August 28th announcement notes the six-episode series’ international popularity and the exposure from its dubbed broadcast, before indicating I.G’s plans to take advantage of the acquired rights, with the possibility of a remake mentioned. Production I.G hinted at future plans.

One of those plans includes the possibility of a FLCL remake. We’ll have to wait and see if they actually go through with it, but the power is now in I.G’s hands, so we could see more FLCL in some form down the line. Continue reading “Will Production I.G remake FLCL?”