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Finally, The NHL’s Winter Classic will come to NYC at Mets’ Citi Field

Citi Field front

The Winter Classic will likely make its New York debut on New Year’s Day 2018, with an outdoor game at Citi Field between the New York Rangers and Buffalo Sabres close to being finalized, two sources confirmed to Newsday on Wednesday. Continue reading “Finally, The NHL’s Winter Classic will come to NYC at Mets’ Citi Field”

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A Pizza with a Hot Dog crust? That’s CRAZY TALK!


You’ve heard of the term “Frankenfood”? According to the Spike TV show of the same name, a Frankenfood is, “new and unique flavor combinations by pairing existing dishes together. Culinary concoctions that look so bad, they must be good.” Well, what do you get when you combine monster movies and food? Wait, why would anyone want to do that? Why would anyone think to do that? I don’t know, but before you start thinking about edible ectoplasm or something like that, the Fresno Grizzlies have something interesting for you. Get ready for the hot dog crust pizza: Continue reading “A Pizza with a Hot Dog crust? That’s CRAZY TALK!”

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Why did Age of Ultron fail to match box office expectations?


Sure, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes were able to defeat Loki, and thwarted the plans of Ultron, but the Avengers could not rise above the drawing power that is Floyd “Money” Mayweather. In fact, a huge coalition of sports over the weekend successfully torpedoed the sequel’s chances of not only cracking the $200M opening weekend plateau, but also matching the opening numbers of 2012’s The Avengers.

Continue reading “Why did Age of Ultron fail to match box office expectations?”

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The Top Ten Sports movies

Let me state the painfully obvious: the biggest handicap sports movies face is that real, live sports (not influenced by gamblers) is much more dramatic due to its unpredictability. We’ve all heard the clichés, “Any given Sunday,” “That’s why they play the game,” “the game’s not played on paper,” and “That’s baseball, Suzyn.”  Continue reading “The Top Ten Sports movies”


How do they do it?

Dear NHL,

How did you end up with a New York versus Los Angeles final? We’ve been trying to secretly manipulate, I mean manufacture, umm… hoping to end up with one for over two decades. What is your secret?


Major League Soccer


At least Terry Collins isn’t managing the NL All-Star squad

The New York Mets want us to vote Juan Lagares for the 2014 National League All-Star Team. Is there a position for “inexplicable bench-warmer?”

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” lang=”en”>

You control the vote! #VoteWrightNow to help @JuanLagares2 and Murphy make the #AllStar team:

— New York Mets (@Mets) May 19, 2014


My reply:




How Original

If the Chicago Blackhawks defeat the Los Angeles Kings in the Western Conference Finals, the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs will have an “Original Six” match-up in every round if the playoffs.

Round 1: Boston Bruins vs Detroit Red Wings

Round 2:  Boston Bruins vs Montreal Canadiens

Round 3: Montreal Canadiens vs New York Rangers

Round 4: (Stanley Cup Finals)  Chicago Blackhawks vs Montreal Canadiens or New York Rangers.


Guess which teams the NBC executives are rooting for in the Conference Finals?

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An analysis of “Paradise by the Dashboard Light, Part 2”

There really isn’t much wiggle room when it comes to interpreting the Meat Loaf classic rock opus, “Paradise by the Dashboard Light.” It is a cautionary tale about a seventeen-year-old boy who makes a rueful, life-altering decision in order to satisfy his virginal libido. The song, like many 70’s classic rock songs, is divided into three parts. Part one describes the beginning of the date night, as the singer is all happy-go-lucky. But in part three, the singer is regretful and miserable and prays for the end of time. The transition between these polar opposite emotions occurs in part two, where the girl (sung by Ellen Foley) issues an ultimatum, “Before we going any further… will you love me forever? … Will you make me your wife?” The boy tries to stall and dodge the question, “Let me sleep on it,” but the girl will have none of that and presses for an answer.

The real reason why the song is so beloved is the spoken word bridge at the start of part 2. It is a fictional baseball play-by-play account announced by famed New York Yankees announcer Phil Rizzuto. In the background, we hear the couple engaged in some heavy foreplay. There is no mistaking that Rizzuto’s words are 100% euphemism for sex. The songwriter, Jim Steinman uses the common (in America) baseball euphemism to describe the progression of the couple’s make-out session. For his part, Rizzuto always claimed that he had no idea what his role was really about in this song until he heard the finished product.

As a metaphor, the bridge makes perfect sense. But no one has ever taken this at face value. Let’s do a thought experiment and imagine that Phil was broadcasting a real-life major league baseball game. If we do, we would conclude that the song is even more brilliant that it’s given credit for; since the baseball events are so absurd and full of so many errors by everyone involved – from the players, to the coaches and managers, that the baseball sequence is also a metaphor for the monumental errors in judgement that the boy is going to commit all for the sake of sexual pleasure. Continue reading “An analysis of “Paradise by the Dashboard Light, Part 2””