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The Top Ten Robot Chicken Characters (up to Season 7)

We at Podcast Unlimited are big fans of the show Robot Chicken. We make no apologies. We are the target audience, since the creators, Seth Green and Matt Senreich, are around the same age, and grew up watching the same shows, and playing with the same toys as us. If you do not like stop-motion animation, or their sense of humor, then please skip this list. This is a list by fans, for fans.

It is also, the most anti-climatic list we have done to date. I must emphasize again that we do not collaborate on these lists. But we knew that the top two spots were locked up; it was only a question of how to ranks spots three through ten.

The Top Ten Robot Chicken Characters  
(up to Season 7)

Keith’s List

  • 10. The Nerd, (a.k.a.: Arthur Kensington, Jr.)
  • 9. The Humping Robot
  • 8. The Bloopers Host
  • 7. The Robot Chicken
  • 6. Gummy Bear
  • 5. Grey Aliens
  • 4. Skeletor
  • 3. Composite 1/2 Santa, 1/2 Snowman

My List

  • 10. My Little Pony Apocalypse ponies
  • 9. Emperor Palpatine
  • 8. The Humping Robot
  • 7. Michael Moore
  • 6. Rachael Leigh Cooke (as herself)
  • 5. Seth Green & Matt Senreich (as themselves)
  • 4. The Homonyms singing girl
  • 3. Superman

In case you haven’t figured it out, here is both of our top 2 characters:

  • 2. Fumbles


  • 1. Bitch Puddin’

Yeah, we all got a taste of the bitch pudding.

On a personal note, I got good news, and some bad news. The goods news is that it appears that my forced staycation might be coming to an end. In other words, I am close to getting a new job. The bad news is that these lists might not be posted at a bi-daily pace anymore.

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