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The Top Ten Comic Book Mini Series

Marvel Civil War

“I don’t need your civil war,”
– Guns N’ Roses, “Civil War”

During the 1980’s, the comic book industry, after seeing the success it brought the television networks the previous decade, decided to create their own mini-series. Before then, if a comic book wanted to tell an extended story, they would just tell the story over multiple issues with little to no fanfare. The story arc would be given a name after the fact (e.g.: the X-Men’s “Dark Phoenix Saga” is the name given to issues #129 – 138 of the comic title, “Uncanny X-Men.”) But when comic books industry hit its first bubble in the eighties, the companies decided that they can generate even more sales if they hyped their story arcs ahead of time, and dubbed them as events. And it worked! Continue reading “The Top Ten Comic Book Mini Series”

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Better Wizard: Merlin Vs. Gandalf


Editor’s Note: The following was written by Keith Feltenstein.

In our next “Versus” round up, we have a throw-down between two magic-using scions of swords-and-sorcery fantasy fiction – with heavy emphasis on the sorcery part. It’s a no-spells-barred duel of epic wizards! In one corner, we have Merlin, and in the other corner we have Gandalf! Today’s battle we see who is the stronger wizard. Who would win, and who would lose? We will let you decide! Here is a little something about each wizard: Continue reading “Better Wizard: Merlin Vs. Gandalf”

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Lana Lang vs. Gwen Stacy


(Editor’s Note: The following was originally written by Keith Feltenstein.)

In our next “Versus” match, we have a couple of first girlfriends to heroes! We have in one corner, Lana Lang, first girlfriend to Clark Kent/Superman. And in the other corner, we have Gwen Stacy, first girlfriend to Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Which first girlfriend do you think would help mold the super heroes we have today? Who would win? We will let you decide. Here is a little something about each character: Continue reading “Lana Lang vs. Gwen Stacy”

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The Top Ten buddy detective duos


“Yankee detectives are always on the TV,
‘Cause killers in America work seven days a week

The Clash – “I’m So Bored with the USA”

Take two of the oldest tropes in media: comedy duo + crime story, and you have a formula that has been used almost more than any other cliché in the history of entertainment. Whether it’s buddy cops, buddy detectives, an odd couple of sleuths who may or may not be compatible (or have unresolved sexual tension), or some meddling kids who have a knack of getting into the middle, and then solving crimes, this formula has been one of the most successful, and most overused – second perhaps to the Hero’s Quest; but that is another list for another time. Continue reading “The Top Ten buddy detective duos”

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I would buy an Ultima novelization

Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar
Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar cover

Like many gamers in the 80’s and 90’s, I loved playing the Ultima series. Luckily for me, I played the ones most fans consider to be the best of the series: Ultima III, IV, and V (on a C64). The Ultima series was considered one of the best RPGs out there due to its cutting-edge game-play, and for its elaborate story. Most RPGs back then (and arguably, even now) are fairly straight-forward dungeon crawl, in which you have to hack-and-slash your way to the Big Bad. The Ultima games not only introduced elaborate spell casting, Continue reading “I would buy an Ultima novelization”

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For those who need a Sherlock Holmes fix more than Holmes needed a 7% coke fix

Cover of Issue #1
Issue 1 cover art

Good news for those who can’t wait for the Sherlock Holmes movie 3 (I’m looking at you Warner Bros): there is a new website dedicated to the Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine. The sites launched with the first six issues available on sale, but since it is supposed to be a quarterly magazine, I doubt they will keep us this pace (unless sales go really, really well). I have been informed that this publication has the blessings and approval of Sir Artur Conan Doyle’s estate. Which means it may be the only sanctioned Sherlock Holmes publications (in English). I’ll try to get verification from the publisher.

Unlike the Guy Ritchie films, which revels in the steampunk aesthetic, the cover art for the magazines brings back the pulp art style of 1950’s comic books. Check out the cover of issue #1 over on the left. Holmes looks more like a villain with his menacing look staring directly at us.

You could also purchase issues over that their parent site at Wildside Press.