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The Top Ten Favorite G.I. Joe Characters

One of the most popular toy franchises of the 1980’s was G.I. Joe. You had the comic book series from Marvel Comics, you had the weekday afternoon cartoon series made by Sunbow, and you had the actions figures made by Hasbro. From 1985-1987 there were 3 things my friends and I did almost religiously: (1) made sure we were in front of the TV when the G.I. Joe / Transformers hour was on the air; (2) bike our way to the comic store to get the latest issue of G.I. Joe (and possibly get our hands on the very rare back issues like #2, or #12); and (3) persuade our parents to go to Toys R’ Us and get us the latest G.I. Joe (and Cobra) action figures and vehicles, in our version of the arms race.

Maybe one day I’ll talk about the cartoon and comic book. Today, I’m focusing on the action figures. The figures were the same size as Kenner’s Star Wars figures, which were both smaller than Mattel’s Master of the Universe figures. But what made the Joes stand out were that they were the only ones that had bendable joints, and flexible torsos. You could pose them in actual action poses, as opposed to the rock ’em-sock ’em style of the other two. Plus you had the wide variety of weaponry. Depending on which figures you had, your miniature arsenal could include pistols, rifles, machine guns, flame throwers, katanas, bazookas, and even a metal detector! (See my #10)

One last note: this list is exclusively for Joes only. We did a separate Top Ten List for Cobra.

The Top Ten Favorite G.I. Joe Characters

Keith’s List

  • 10. Shipwreck
  • 9. Roadblock
  • 8. Bazooka
  • 7. Flint
  • 6. Scarlett
  • 5. Gung Ho
  • 4. Beach Head
  • 3. Sgt Slaughter
  • 2. Quick Kick
  • 1. Snake Eyes

My List

  • 10. Tripwire
  • 9. Scarlett
  • 8. Torpedo
  • 7. Dusty
  • 6. Quick Kick
  • 5. Ace
  • 4. Roadblock
  • 3. Wild Bill
  • 2. Airborne
  • 1. Snake Eyes

Honorable mentions: Grunt (falcon glider version), Doc, Clutch, Barbecue, Ripcord, Snow Job

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