A sushi donut?! That’s CRAZY TALK!

sushi donut

When last we left those crazy culinary Californians, those kooky chefs gave us the pizza with the hot dog crust. And that idea went national, as Pizza Hut copied that idea for the summer. Not content with Frankenfooding American cuisine, they set their eyes to the Far East. Just what the heck is that? Continue reading “A sushi donut?! That’s CRAZY TALK!”

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A Pizza with a Hot Dog crust? That’s CRAZY TALK!


You’ve heard of the term “Frankenfood”? According to the Spike TV show of the same name, a Frankenfood is, “new and unique flavor combinations by pairing existing dishes together. Culinary concoctions that look so bad, they must be good.” Well, what do you get when you combine monster movies and food? Wait, why would anyone want to do that? Why would anyone think to do that? I don’t know, but before you start thinking about edible ectoplasm or something like that, the Fresno Grizzlies have something interesting for you. Get ready for the hot dog crust pizza: Continue reading “A Pizza with a Hot Dog crust? That’s CRAZY TALK!”