A sushi donut?! That’s CRAZY TALK!

sushi donut

When last we left those crazy culinary Californians, those kooky chefs gave us the pizza with the hot dog crust. And that idea went national, as Pizza Hut copied that idea for the summer. Not content with Frankenfooding American cuisine, they set their eyes to the Far East. Just what the heck is that?

Well, according to an article in Los Angeles magazine, the credit/blame belongs to Project Poke. And it is not technically a donut, since there is (thankfully) no fried dough involved. It is rice, shaped into the shape of a ring (donut). But that’s not all! Project Poke stuffs either avocado, spicy tuna, or imitation crab inside the rice. And as you can see, the outside is covered with a veritable cornucopia of edible paraphernalia, some of which may or may not be found on either a donut or sushi.

You know what – I actually want a couple of those sushi donuts. Somebody get me one with the crab, and one with the spicy tuna.


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