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2017 NYCC will not sell 3-Day or 4-Day passes

New York Comic Con (NYCC 2012)

It’s almost that time of the year again! Which means it’s pre-pre registration time for New York Comic Con tickets. Those that jumped through their hoops to get tickets last year, like myself, received a new message in their inboxes this morning. It’s from ReedPOP, the company that runs NYCC. It’s a typical newsletter sent to fans. The good news is that the dates for this year’s NYCC is October 5 – 8, 2017. But it includes one paragraph of what many might consider bad news….

From Lance Fensterman, the NYCC Show Manager:

Third: We’re going to be real with you, this is a very bittersweet announcement – we are eliminating 3-Day and 4-Day tickets. We will only be selling single day Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Sunday Kids tickets to NYCC 2017.

You may or may not know that the Javits Center is going to be under construction. This means we’ll be working with some space limitations and we want to make sure as many people have the opportunity to buy a ticket and come to the show as possible. Selling only single day tickets will give more fans the chance to buy a ticket for at least a day to experience the fun of NYCC.


The point of pre-registration is to prevent scalpers from hoarding up all the tickets in advance. In that regards, I applaud the intent. And really, it’s not as time-consuming as any other online registration form (or job application).

The Javits Center is the only area in New York City that is large enough to hold the Comic Con. In 2015, NYCC had a reported figure of 167,000 attendees. In 2016, that number increased to over 180,000. The closest facility outside of Manhattan (or the other 4 boroughs) that can host that many people would be Met Life Stadium, and they will be hosting an NFL game that weekend. The point is that a New York Comic Con has to be in NYC proper, and if Javits is going to be under construction at that time, there is nothing ReedPOP can do about it.

Last year, the 3-Day and 4-Day passes were sold out in less than 2 hours. They were the first two packages to sell out. This will be quite the shock to the system of many NYCC fans.


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