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Movie Studios Power Rankings, April 2016 edition

Sim Movie Studio

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these things. In the past, I’ve rated foods, beverages, or marketing campaigns. This time, we’re ranking Hollywood’s major motion picture studios. But don’t get upset that I’m omitting foreign studios from China, India, Japan, England, etc. For I am not factoring how well (or poorly) Hollywood films do abroad, I am not going to consider foreign studios here in the U.S., in what they would consider a foreign market.

That might be considered just a bit unfair, since most Hollywood films get somewhere between 55% – 70% of their total gross from overseas. (Only 4 of the top 100 All-Time Worldwide Box Office Grosses made more money domestically than overseas.) But this isn’t all based on money. If Hollywood’s accountants can fudge their numbers for tax purposes, I can fudge their metrics for ranking purposes. 

The breaks within the list are to represent tiers. The top-tier are head-and-shoulders dominating the market share. The second tiers are heavy hitters, but for reasons, can not reach that top-level. The third tier represents the ones that distribute the smaller budget, independent, non-mainstream, and lesser distributed films that sometimes generate buzz during Award season.

So take one part Box Office Mojo, one part Rotten Tomatoes, one part Variety, one part “what have you done for me lately”, and ten parts my personal opinions, and voilà!

So may I present to you, the initial Hollywood (major) Movie Studio Power Rankings for April, 2016…

  • 1. Disney (this also includes Marvel Studios, Lucasfilms, and Pixar)
  • 2. Universal
  • 3. 20th Century Fox (also includes Fox Searchlight)

  • 4. Sony (also includes Columbia and Tri-Star Pictures)
  • 5. Warner Bros. (also includes New Line Cinema)
  • 6. Paramount
  • 7. Lionsgate (also includes Summit Entertainment)

  • 8. STX Entertainment
  • 9. Focus Features
  • 10. Weinstein Company
  • 11. Open Road Films
  • 12. Roadside Attractions
  • 13. A24 Films
  • 14. Relativity Studios
  • 15. Pure Flix (included just to avoid the hate mail from the Evangelicals)



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