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The Top Ten Mutants


“But what to do when they’re all looking at you
‘Cuz you’re the freak of the week, ‘cuz you’re on the TV”

Marvelous 3 – “Freak of the Week”

The term “mutant” covers a lot of ground, and has a very broad definition. Not for me.

I have a much stricter interpretation of a mutant. I grew up playing the 1980’s RPG “Marvel Super Heroes.” The game had 5 classes: Mutants, Altered Humans, Hi-Tech Wonders, Robots, and Aliens. A mutant was someone who had mutated DNA when they were born, and their powers usually remained latent or dormant until puberty. An altered-human was someone who was born a normal human, until an external force gave them their super powers (e.g.: a radioactive spider for Spider-Man, gamma rays for The Hulk, cosmic rays for the Fantastic Four, etc.) What many consider mutants, I consider altered humans. The difference is that the latter were mutated. (I know that makes that characters on the image above ineligible from my list. It is a feint to draw in the viewers. In other words, it’s click-bait.)

Another problem compiling this list is the fact that DC Comic can’t or won’t use the term “mutant” to describe their characters. Their word of choice is “meta-human.” And that term covers even more ground. Almost every non-alien character in the DC universe is a meta-human, save perhaps Batman & Green Arrow. Sure, there is a gang in Gotham called “The Mutants,” but I believe only The Leader is the only member that would be classified as a meta-human.

I really wanted to included non-Marvel characters on my list. Why? Because we already have a Top Ten X-Men list. Granted on that list, I focused primarily on the heroes, and purposely omitted the villains. On the other side, Keith completely forgot about his Top Ten X-Men list while compiling this list. So I applaud and admire him for his consistency.

Remember, you don’t have to be a human to be a mutant – just as long as you are a variant of your species.

With all that in mind, here are our lists.

The Top Ten Mutants

Keith’s List

  • 10. Leonardo (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
  • 9. Gambit – Rémy LeBeau
  • 8. Magneto – Max “Magnus” Eisenhardt
  • 7. Rogue – Anna Marie
  • 6. Cyclops – Scott Summers
  • 5. Cable – Nathan Christopher Charles Summers
  • 4. Iceman – Robert Louis “Bobby” Drake
  • 3. Wolverine – James “Logan” Howlett
  • 2. Colossus – Piotr Nikolaievitch “Peter” Rasputin
  • 1. Deadpool – Wade Wilson

Honorable Mentions: Emma Frost (“The White Queen”); Firestar (Angelica “Angel” Jones); Jean Grey-Summers (“Phoenix, “Dark Phoenix”); Psylocke (Elizabeth “Betsy” Braddock); The Toxic Avenger (Melvin Ferd).


My List

  • 10. The Daleks (“Doctor Who”)
  • 9. Danny Torrance (The Shining)
  • 8. Killer Croc – Waylon Jones
  • 7. Wolverine – James “Logan” Howlett
  • 6. Magneto – Max “Magnus” Eisenhardt
  • 5. Charles Xavier – “Professor X”
  • 4. Onslaught –  “Charles Xavier”, Sir David the Great
  • 3. Franklin Richards
  • 2. Thanos – “The Mad Titan”, “Avatar of Death”
  • 1. Akira (Akira)

Honorable Mentions: Charlie McGee (Firestarter); Deadpool (Wade Wilson); Godzilla; Kuato (Total Recall); Leela (“Futurama”); Lucy (“the Diclonii” from Elfen Lied); Matilda Wormwood (Matilda); The Royal Flush Gang (“Batman Beyond”);
The Mule (Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series).

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