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Imagine Entertainment to produce live-action anime


One of the more interesting anime-related announcements out of New York Comic Con came from Bandai Namco Pictures, which announced plans for a live-action Hollywood take on superhero anime Tiger & Bunny. The process is in very early stages—they’re still looking for a screenwriter, director, and all the talent involved—but Ron Howard and Brian Grazer are set up to produce the film at Imagine Entertainment.

Masaaki Nozaki of Bandai Namco Pictures understands the difficulty in bringing anime to the big screen with real actors.

“Some of you may feel uneasy about this. Because as we know, not all movies produced from anime have been done well,” said Nozaki. “But for this Tiger and Bunny live action movie, I just have two words: Trust us.”

I’ve been waiting for Cartoon Network to air Tiger & Bunny on their adult swim anime block since its debut. This show was purposely tailor-made for the U.S. market. Hopefully this movie will become a reality, since the likelihood of a Pacific Rim 2, a live-action Akira orEvangelion seem less and less likely every day. And the backlash of a non-Asian (Scarlett Johansson) starring in the live-action Ghost in the Shell could submarine its box office success, thus dooming any possibility of any other live-action anime being made in Hollywood ever being made anytime in the near future.


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