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WDW for the Single Guy: an experiment, Part 5 (The Magic Kingdom II)



(DISCLAIMER: The following was originally written by Jerry Skids back in 2009. He is a big Disney fan. He has his own WDW-themed podcast, which you can find here, or here. This is 100% Jerry’s words, completely unedited, out of respect to Jerry. I have not fact-checked any of this information. Obviously the prices have definitely changed since 2009, and should be used for comparative purposes only, not as actual real-time price quotes. And many attractions have come and gone since the time this was written. However, that does not invalidate his suggestions one iota. This is still useful, and I think this is so amazing, that I want to share his knowledge and wisdom. Thank you Jerry! Posted with his permission. – Editor)

Note: If you get confused by the acronyms, please see the previous posts.

WDW For The Single Guy: an experiment

The Magic Kingdom (part 2)



(Editor’s Note: Once again, I must emphasize that this was written before the New Fantasyland expansion of 2012.)

The heart of Magic Kingdom. It is built like a renaissance fair with spires and tents all around. It is bordered by Cinderella’s Castle, which will bring you back to Main Street, Liberty Square, Toontown, and Tomorrowland. The magical land is like a mini Alpine village.

It’s A Small World: [B –> A+ depending on your view] (IASW) (Small World)

Okay, so first I must mention that this is one of Walt’s four pavilions he had at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York. It was what defines WDW. The ride, originally sponsored by UNICEF) promotes brotherhood by taking you on a boat ride through the entire world. It’s about 10-12 minutes long, and showcases singing/dancing dolls from so many different cultures of each nation. Many people complain about how the song’s incessant round never ends. I’ve heard parents making fun of it to their kids, who concurred and now will most likely grow up jaded and mean-spirited. The song, “It’s A Small World” is sung in a whole bunch of different languages and styles. Only a stupid hick tourist would not get the significance and start a barrage of complaints. Regardless, this attraction is very important to Disney history – so you have to ride it once.
When to Go: 11AM – 2PM (maybe even 2:30PM) then from 4:30PM – closing. If you see a line, come back later.

Peter Pan’s Flight: [A] [Romance Quotient: A+) (Pan) (FP)

This 3 minute attraction is an incredibly innovative one. It’s an indoor ride on a flying pirate ship. You start in Wendy, Michael, and John’s nursery, then fly out the window and around Neverland. When the track disappears, it really looks like you are flying. The attention to detail is fantastic! Even though the attraction is a constant loader, the lines stay at an hour or more all freakin’ day! It’s so popular, that they had to create a Fastpass for it. But even with Fastpass, you end up waiting — so…
When to Go: As I said, I suggest at least 2 days at Magic Kingdom. On one of them, I suggest you RUN to Fantasyland first. This has to be your first 2-3 rides or you will miss your chance. My order is: Dumbo, Pooh, Pan… either way get here by 9:15AM – 9:25AM the latest or you’re screwed. FP is here, but not very effective.

Mickey’s Philharmagic: [A] (Philharmagic)

What really should be called Donald’s Philharmagic, this amazing 3D film (or really 4D) has you follow Donald through a bunch of Disney movies to get Mickey’s hat back. His pointy hat. Sound exciting? No? Well, how about a 150-foot-wide screen with special effects galore! You can feel the corks from champagne fly by your face, smell the pies, cakes, cookies, etc as they circle around you, get soaked under the sea, and more! This is the BEST 3D film in WDW by far! It’s also one of the least “scary”. The best scene is The Lion King scene where the whole theatre fills with animals. Best seat? Near the back in the center. They will make you walk all the way down, so pretend you’re looking for which row or something, then quickly file in when you see it’s going to be near the center. (It’s about 15-20 minutes).
When to Go: Whenever – it’s best about 2PM – 5PM. Fastpass is usually unnecessary. The theatre is huge and fits a lot of people.

Cinderella’s Golden Carousel: [C- / romance quotient: B] (Carousel)

It’s a merry-go-round w/carnival like versions of famous Disney classic songs. It’s nostalgic and it’s nice, but the horses are sometimes too high for adults! It is a huge and elaborate carousel – one of the best you’ll ever see – but it’s still a merry-go-round.
When to Go: Whenever. There’s no line and you have time. Waiting for more than one ride is pointless.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant: [C+ / add some points for nostalgia or romance] (Dumbo),

So this is the original hub-and-spoke ride here. There are two others in this park alone, as well as one in Animal Kingdom. It’s a very popular ride although very short and slow loading. It overlooks Fantasyland, and you can kinda see into the apartment in Cinderella Castle from where you are. You can move your elephant higher or lower from the front seat. (90 seconds).
When to Go: If you are ever going to ride it, it has to be the second the park opens. Otherwise, you will be waiting on line for at least 45 minutes for a 90 second ride. Make sure it is the first thing you do, or else forget it. (Maybe during EMH. Maybe).

Ariel’s Grotto: [F. Unless you have a fetish for mermaids, then C+] (The Grotto)

So, there used to be a cool ride here based on 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. Now, it’s a meet-and-greet for Ariel. It’s fun for kids, I guess, but it’s also the only place to meet Ariel as a mermaid. (She is sometimes at the Princess Breakfast w/ her legs). The wait is always unusually long… I’ve never seen it less than 45 minutes after 10AM.
When to Go: Don’t, unless you want to give up your precious 9AM-10AM time.

Snow White’s Scary Adventures: [B] (Snow White)

This is a crazy midway ride in amine cart on a track that takes you through the story of Snow White. You were supposed to be Snow White, but dumb tourists didn’t get it, so they added her in. Now the ride makes no sense. The damn thing is pretty scary! The Witch keeps jumping out at you and you keep getting in her way. It’s like an old-fashioned spook house. This ride scares the CRAP out of young kids, so they cry. Stupid kids.
When to Go: After 4PM if the line is “10 mins” or less – usually it’s a walk-on then.

Pooh’s Playful Spot: [F] (pointless playground)

It’s a playground – waste of space – a ride could be there. Rumor has it they are building a Little Mermaid ride there – cos it’s next to the Grotto. I hope it’s true. Don’t go here.

The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh: [A-] (Pooh) (FP)

Taking over Mr Toad’s Wild Ride, Pooh is an indoor dark ride that takes you through the many scenes in the film of the same name (in a honey pot!) It’s cool, cos you get trapped in a rainstorm, bounce with Tigger, have to wade in a river, and chill w/ Heffelumps + Woozles. Some of the effects are ridiculous! How do they make Pooh an out-of-body experience? This ride is definitely on my must-do list even though it’s only 4 minutes.
When to Go: Like Pan, this one has long lines throughout the day. Follow my advice and go right after Dumbo! Regardless, if you’re not there before 9:30AM, you are going to have to get a Fastpass. It’s not unusual to get a Fastpass at 12:30PM w/ a scheduled return time of 5PM or later!

Mad Tea Party: [D]

It’s a spinning teacup ride, based loosely on Alice in Wonderland. You can control the speed you spin. It’s sickening. And the line is long during the day. The background music is kinda fun: “March of the Cards”, “Ver Merry Unbirthday”, and “Painting The Roses Red.”
When to Go: After 6PM, it calms down, but if there’s no line during 12PM-6PM, go ahead + jump on!


The Fantasyland Band runs through here every once in a while playing brass versions of popular Disney songs. There USED to be a sword-in-the-stone show, where Merlin hosts a contest trying to find a new king, but it closed, sadly, in 2005. The sword-in-the-stone still sits in front of the Carousel.

Dream Along With Mickey [B-]

There’s always a castle forecourt show. This one debuted as part of the Year of A Million Dreams campaign in 2007. A bunch of the characters and human backup dancers put on a 20 minute show where Donald doesn’t believe in the power of dreams. But don’t worry. The crisis will be averted through song and dance! It’s a fun show. Check showtimes.

Storytime with Belle [D] [A++++ if you’re obsessed with Belle, like me]

So Belle tells the story of Beauty and the Beast w/ the help of three kids and one lucky adult who plays “The Beast” and gets to dance with her. My girlfriend does not let me sit up close or volunteer to be the Beast. After the show, Belle does autographs. The show is interactive and has an odd sense of humor, but it’s all right! The place is small. Arrive 10 minutes early and check showtimes.

Shopping and Other Stuff

Pooh’s Thotful Shop – Pooh merch is in here. (Pooh empties out here…)(WDW say that out loud. HA HA!)
Seven Dwarf’s Mining Co. – Snow White merch and other things.
Tinkerbell’s Treasures – Lots of girly stuff and costumes – you can “wake up Tinkerbell” in the morning if you get there the second it opens.
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique – a place where girls can get princess haircuts for like $200!
Philharmagic” Shop – merch from the ride, rare rare character plush, and Donald stuff.

Dining and Snacks

Cinderella’s Royal Table: [Food: B/B+; Service: A+++; Price: Ridiculously overpriced!!) (American)

This is a character breakfast and lunch, with the Disney Princesses. The only place to meet Cinderella usually. It’s a medieval banquet hall, with banners and Round-table-esque regalia. You walk up to the second floor of Cindy’s Castle and you look out at Fantasyland. Breakfast is family styled: French toast w/ cheese in it; great biscuits; bacon; sausage; scrambled eggs; and waffles. Lunch has pasta, salmon, Major Domo Pie (beef/Cabernet sauce w/mashed potatoes + puff pastry). Dinner has the Fairy Godmother. No princesses. They have lamb chops, grilled pork, and the like. The breakfast is $34! Lunch is $36. Dinner is $41. They force you to get photos w/ your meal. That’s apparently why it costs so much. The full cost of your meal is charged to your credit card when you make your ADRs and if you cancel within 24 hours of your meal, you lose the money. It’s really beautiful and it’s cool to eat in Cinderella’s Castle, so you have to make a decision: luxury for pretty decent food, or fuck it? You decide. For how to make ADRs check the earlier section here.

Scuttles Landing: [Food: F; Service: B; Price: whatever] (ice cream/snacks)

The Blueberry smoothie here is named the worst dessert in Walt Disney World, which is why I gave this place an “F” for Ffort… they can’t even spell it! The other snacks you can get anywhere throughout the park. They have frozen cakes and soft pretzels… eh.

Mrs. Potts Cupboard: [Food: B; Service: B; Price: decent] (snacks/ice cream)

You can get a decent fudge brownie and some pretty good ice cream here. They also have strawberry shortcakes, floats, shakes, and cookies. It’s moderately priced and has a variety of choices.

The Pinocchio Village Haus: [Food: C+; Service: C; Price: too expensive] (American-ish counter service)

This place looked, sounded, and tasted German until 2006! This is when they were under the impression Pinocchio and Gipetto were German! The characters even used to show up in Germany in Epcot!!!! (Now they are in Italy). After they realized their blunder (took them long enough), they now have personal pizzas, chicken nuggets, paninis, salads, and shakes. Tis place smells bad, the food, although different from the rest of the place, is mediocre. It’s always crowded and my ex-girlfriend, Jenna, used to work here. It overlooks the IASW entrance, but there’s a good chance you may not find a place to sit. (If that happens, just go to Columbia Harbor House.)


Mickey’s Toontown Fair

This was the only new land added to MK since 1971 and the only one not connected to the Central Hub. It originally opened as Mickey’s Birthdayland for his 50th birthday, then Mickey’s Starland, and now Mickey’s Toontown Fair as a county-fair themed summer residential zone. Mostly just character meet-and-greets here. If you are scrounging for autographs, get it here when it opens at 10AM. Then show up over and over again throughout the day.

Minnie’s Country House: [B] (Minnie’s)

A walkthrough of Minnie Mouse’s country house. There’s stuff you can play with, open, or look at having to do with Minnie’s feminine personality. Play w/ her kitchen appliances – it’s fun!
When to Go: Anytime really, but after 4:30PM will be less crowded.

Mickey’s Country House/Judge’s Tent: [B-] (Mickey’s)

A walkthrough of Mickey’s. Nothing’s interactive at all here, but you can see Pluto’s doghouse. Sometimes Pluto is actually there. Then in his backyard go into the Judge’s Tent to wait like an hour just to meet Mickey. You can leave through Mickey’s garage and not go into the tent to meet Mickey. A video plays of old Disney cartoons while you wait on line in the tent. It’s rated less than Minnie’s because you can’t interact w/ anything.
When to Go: Anytime for Mickey’s house. (after 4:30PM, it’s less crowded). But to meet Mickey, I say from 10AM – 11AM, or after 4:30PM in the Judge’s Tent.

Donald’s Boat: [C-/D]

This is a glorified playground across from an actual playground. It’s themed as Daisy, Donald’s fat tugboat that sprouts leaks. Water flies everywhere. You and your girl may find it cute.
When to Go: Anytime, it’ll take 2 minutes out of your day.

Toontown Hall of Fame: [C] [B+ if you are obsessed with meeting characters]

All it is is a giant gift shop on one side, and 3 lines on the other. The three lines lead to an ambiguous assortment of characters. They change at random: Villains, Princesses, Pooh characters, Mickey’s pals, etc. Check each line before getting on them. Face characters usually take longer.
When to Go: Before 11AM the lines are shorter, same after 5PM.

The Barnstormer At Goofy’s Wiseacres Farm: [C+] [B, if you just like coasters]

This is a tiny coaster. The ride is less than a minute and the lines get long as hell. Even though it’s meant for kids and is hard to fit your legs without cramping, the ride feels faster than Big Thunder Mountain! If you saw the cartoon short it refers to, it’s a lot better.
When to Go: From 10AM – 11AM, during the parade, or JUST before the final fireworks.

More Character Greetings

The characters walk around like the old days and give you random encounters!! NO LINES!! Lines have destroyed meeting characters, but structure is overrated in my book.

Shopping and Others

County Bounty: Souvenirs, kids’ stuff, DUDS, mugs, etc. Plus a Make Your Own Potato Head or My Little Pony can be fun!
Toontown Hall of Fame: Just regular souvenir crap you find everywhere else.

Dining and Snacks

That Fruit Cart: [B]

They sell the same stuff at the Potato Company w/o potatoes. Oh, and batteries.




Originally created as what the future will look like with rides based on space travel, technological advances, and the like, it has changed drastically to what Disney calls “The Future that Never Was.” Before, the buildings resembled 1970’s motels and such, but in 1995, the whole land got a makeover to look like what scientists of the ’20s and ’30s thought the future would look like. Tomorrowland is now all about fun in the “retro-future.”

Tomorrowland Indy Speedway: [C-] [WAS A-] (Speedway)

So you can drive cars here. You “race” around a track for a while, but the ting is, you USED to be a free driving vehicle. Now, the cars go very slow and there’s a track under you to make sure you don’t do anything crazy. This completely took the fun out of it! They are gas-powered cars that go 7 MPH leaving the driver with nothing fun to do. Not quite a “D” because you get to see fun sites and/or race your friend at a top speed of 7 MPH! Woo hoo! Also, you can share a car OR smash into the one in front of you and get yelled at! The line here is RIDICULOUSLY slow-moving! Go to the 1st loading area (right off the bridge) or you will be waiting longer!
When to Go: By 9:45AM the latest, or after 5:30PM – only if the line is 10 min or less.

Space Mountain: [A++] (Space) (FP)

You know what it is! A roller-coaster ride in the dark! It’s very unusual since it has you careening through complete darkness and pulls your little rocket ship in different directions all the time. It is MK’s most popular attraction along with Splash. This is what you would call a Wild Mouse coaster (no long drops or swooping loops) in the dark. The drops FEEL longer and you FEEL like you’re going faster than you actually are! Plus, you never know where you’re going next… unless you’ve ridden it so much that you’ve memorized every twist + turn (raises hand.) Every morning before opening a whole bunch of Space Mountain junkies crowd the rope barriers getting ready to RUN to Space Mountain! Please take my advice and get there an hour early so you can be the 1st one in! Also remember, there are sometimes two tracks running. The one on the right is MUCH better. The other track is a bit longer, but also has less surprises. You cannot sit side to side, so make sure you ask the cast member seating you to give you cars 1 + 2! You can be a gentleman and offer the front to your chick or say, “Fuck that whore! It’s my fuckin’ trip!” and grab the front. It’s the only way to ride!
When to Go: ASAP, 1st thing in the morning (on your Tomorrowland day), then when you exit, grab a FP for later! By the time you get to Splash, you will be able to get another one. For the standby line, you can come back after 6:30PM. Use your FP if you ever feel a craving for Space!

Astro Orbiter: [B-]

Another hub-and-spoke ride. This one has you riding around in Buck Rogers-style rockets except faster than the others and much, much higher. You have to take an elevator up here before getting on the ride. It has a way better view than the others and you get to see all of Tomorrowland. You can only fly alone in a rocket, so if you have a girl, it’s not very romantic. You can raise your ship higher or sink lower, but that’s about it.
When to Go: Before 10AM, or after late – after 6:30PM – look for NO line.

Stich’s Great Escape: [F] (Stich) (FP for some random reason)

Once upon a time, this attraction was awesome! It was called Extra-Terrestrial Alien Encounter. It scared kids and adults alike. Eisner didn’t like that, so they changed it and now instead of a solid ‘A’, this attraction is demoted to an ‘F’. Modeled after a science expo, Sir (the robot from Alien Encounter) teaches you about this new teleportation technology. You get strapped into a seat and they teleport Stich into you. He gets loose, runs around, and nothing happens. This ride blows! You used to feel the alien breathing on your neck, and felt the dripping blood of an X-S Tech employee, and felt the alien lick your ear! Now, it’s boring, a waste of time and it’s not even fun or scary. This SUCKS! (25 min)
When to Go: If you MUST, the lines are usually pretty short. Only go if there’s NO line.

Tomorrowland Transit Authority: [A] (TTA)

This scenic tour of Tomorrowland is a great way to relax AND get some good views. This started off as a unique prototype of a linear-induction mass transit system for Walt’s Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow called WEDway People Mover.It’s powered by magnets! You travel through Space Mountain (there are fake screams), around the Carousel of Progress, through Buzz Lightyear, and around the Speedway. THere is narration throughout the ride, plus a diorama of EPCOT’s original design, a few cool futuristic ideas, and more. There is NEVER a line because it’s constantly loading! The moving walkway is fun too! My girl rides this over and over and over. (10 mins)
When to Go: Whenever you want! During the busy times is best.

Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor: [B+] (MILF) (editor’s note: really Jerry?)

An interactive animated show. Mike Wazowski tries to fill up the electricity container with laughter as he and other animated characters tell the audience jokes and ask for participation. Using a very advanced form of technology called Living Animation, the audience can interact with the character for any length. They use old Vaudvillian comedy, as well as screens above to keep the show going. Very funny and interesting, but it, of course, depends on the performers. You can text non-dirty and non-adult jokes in. Oh, and they will use the “that guy” joke over and over – it will NEVER stop being funny. “Who’s fault is it? … THAT GUY!” (15 min)
When to Go: After 4PM (or between 2PM – 3PM, if there’s no lines).

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin: [A] (Buzz) (FP)

You like rides? Check! So why wouldn’t you love a ride where you can shoot at aliens and get points? Try for a high score in this space travel themed dark ride/game based on Buzz Lightyear’s adventures not seen in Toy Story. Save the universe from Zorg, the evil emperor as you spin the car 360° and go nuts! There’s a joystick and two lasers cannons. This is an attraction you MUST visit more than once to beat your own scores! Many adults I’ve met have ridden this ride for hours over and over! (5 mins)
When to Go: The best time is directly after Space Mountain in the morning, in the late evening, or any time with a FP as long as there’s some kind of line (20 minutes or more, use a FP.)

Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress: [B for normal people; A+ for Disney enthusiasts] (CoP)

This was another 1964 attraction that Walt built himself. It is an interesting show with 5 different stages. It stars an unnamed man and his family through time (turn of 20th Century to now) as he goes on and on about the wonders of technology. This is one of the most nostalgic attractions, as it is the only one that still portrays the original ideas + meanings of Tomorrowland. After each segment, the carousel turns and you are flashed ahead a bit in time, where the man and his family has aged. Although after 100 years, the ma’s mother still appears to be alive and kicking — suspend your disbelief a bit. Each segment is bridged by the theme song, “There’s A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow,” the award-winning song by The Sherman Brothers. This ride is in danger of closing, which us very depressing, to all WDW lovers.
When to Go: Anytime – best if ridden between 12PM – 3PM because of the blazing heat + busy crowds. The show lasts about 18 minutes.


There’s a Stitch show. It started (around 2009). It SUCKS! There used to be a stage called the Galaxy Theatre that hosted choirs + cheerleaders events. It was torn down. Besides that, there was a band here (they show up every once in a while playing futuristic music), and characters show up around the Carousel of Progress and Buzz.

Shopping and Other Things

Merchant of Venus – attached to the Stitch attraction, the shop has lots of Stitch merch, but also Star Wars, Power Rangers, Pirates of the Caribbean, and other Disney stuff. There’s also a photo section where you can throw your face on a Star Wars character or a Disney character.
Mickey’s Star Traders – a regular WDW shop w/ Tomorrowland themes, but no space-themed merch.
Space Arcade – Half-arcade / Half-Space Mountain Gift Shop.
Buzz Gift Shop – Attached to Buzz, buy Toy Story stuff.

Dining and Snacks

The Launching Pad: [Food: B; Service: B; price: reasonable] (Turkey leg stand/snacks)

Here is where you can get your “Galactic Turkey legs”. They are fuckin’ good! It’s a good place to chill while resting in Tomorrowland. It’s outdoors, but in the shade. They also have pretzels, carrot/celery sticks w/ranch dip, and frozen sodas.

Cosmic Rey’s Starlight Cafe: [Food: C+; Service: D; price: not awesome; Entertainment: B+] (large quick service)

So there are 3 separate stations: chicken, beef, and sandwiches. You want chicken and a burger? Guess you’re waiting on 2 separate lines. This is the bullshit that gives this place a “D” in service. It’s inconvenient for families AND couples! They have a wide variety of food! Rotisserie chicken, ribs, turkey-bacon, veggie wraps, hot dogs, burgers, salads, chicken noodle soup, etc. DO NOT ORDER the fucking Kosher meal! It’s a microwaved corned beef sandwich… eat some meat and milk – you’re on vacation! Oh, the fries are extra salty, but the burgers are pretty good. Oh! And you get to watch Mr. Sonny Eclipse serenade the cafe with a little alien lounge music. He rocks! This place is air-conditioned and has LOTS of seats. (shirts and cheers love it)

Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station: [Food: A; Service: A-; price: pretty good] (Asian-esque quick service)

Only opened for the evening hours because the very kind CMs are zombies, you can get a chicken or veggie noodle bowl, nuggets, teriyaki chicken, beef and broccoli, and green tea. MMM! I used to like this place, but now I LOVE it. It’s located around the corner of MILF, on the border of Tomorrowland and Main Street, hidden — that’s good! Crowd’s are usually very small and the food is awesome. You get a good portion, and it tastes yummy! Go here!

Parades And Fireworks

Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade [C+] (The 3PM parade)

This was better when it was called the Share A Dream Come True Parade. Now, the characters are no longer in snow globes. They dance around and there are some really cool floats, but it is hot and at 3PM, the Sun is still blazing. So definitely see it once, but after that, it’s pretty unnecessary. The best place to watch this is in Liberty Square, right in front of the Hall of Presidents. The crowds are smaller here, and there is a bit of shade.

Spectro Magic [B-] (The previous night parade is an A+++) (Evening Parade)

Using electroluminescent + fiber optic technology, this nighttime parade lights up the road. The Main Street Electrical Parade was awesome! However, they replaced it with this… it’s okay, but hardly a replacement. Some characters on their floats only face one direction so you may miss your favorite character. It is mainly comprised of these turquoise skinned characters with wild hair they call the “Spectro Men” — not real characters and there is way too much time in between floats that it can get boring. But the magic of the parade does exist. They turn off all the street lights so the only thing you can see are these huge, electric floats. Sometimes you don’t see them until they are right in front of you. Then they come alive with lights, music, and your favorite characters. Best place to watch the parade: Either the same spot in Liberty Square, Main Street, or the train station.

Wishes: [A-] (fireworks spectacular) (Romance quotient: A+++)

Jiminy Cricket takes you through a journey of a lump-in-your-throat story about making wishes come true. Memorable vignettes and music from beloved Disney films combine w/ an awesome fireworks display. They even create frowny faces, tits, hearts, and stars. Each character’s wish is told by dazzling colors. Your girl will be weeping in your arms at the beautiful moments  and well-crafted script, making use of the song “Wishes”. The best spot to watch Wishes is closer to the exit, or up on the balcony of the WDW Main Street Railroad. Most people stand right in front of the castle and miss half the fireworks. You will be closer to the exit to get out AND see everything if you follow my instructions!

So that’s the Magic Kingdom!! If you want my advice on how to make the most of your trip – just go to the next part!!!!

(To be continued…)



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