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Top Ten Things we were promised by the 20th Century, but haven’t been invented yet


“We all live in happiness our life is full of joy
We say the world “tomorrow” without fear”

Helloween – “Future World”

The 20th Century had some crazy ideas on what life in the 21st Century would be like. Heck, Conan O’Brien had a recurring bit about it during his early days as host of “Late Night.” Well, we’re a decade and a half into the 21st century, and despite all of the advancements we have made in the fields of communications, computing, and … err… umm… erectile dysfunction, and baldness, we are still waiting for certain breakthroughs that the previous century was certain would be around no later than the year 2000.

It’s very easy to point fingers at Back to the Future II, and “The Jetsons,” but just because they were the most popular, doesn’t mean they were the only culprits. We can also thank/blame every sci-fi movie ever made, from classics such as Metropolis, and 2001: A Space Odyssey, to any B or Z-grade sci-fi drive-thru fodder. There were also multiple 1950’s MGM cartoons that were all about how certain things will be in “the future”, e.g.: houses, cars.

Of course, it has become its own trope. And even “Robot Chicken” has gotten in on the joke. So without any further adieu, here is our lists:

The Top Ten Things we were promised by the 20th Century, but haven’t been invented yet!

Keith’s List

  • 10. auto-tying shoes
  • 9. invisibility
  • 8. laser weapons
  • 7. hoverboards
  • 6. teleporters
  • 5. food synthesizers
  • 4. hologram TV
  • 3. robots/androids
  • 2. flying cars
  • 1. jet packs

Honorable Mention: time machines

My List

  • 10 intelligent AI (robots)
  • 9 laser guns
  • 8 full meals in a pill/tablet
  • 7 cure for cancer
  • 6 bionic/cyborg implants
  • 5 teleporters
  • 4 jet packs
  • 3 FTL travel
  • 2 moon colonies
  • 1 hover cars

Honorable mentions: 3D ads & video games; cold fusion; electric car; eternal youth/beauty; Jurassic Park; peace on Earth.

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