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Top Ten Fast Food Restaurants


“I like the Whopper, f*ck the Big Mac.”

Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock, “It Takes Two”

Remember when I used to do “Fast Food Marketing Power Rankings?” Remember how I stressed that the rankings had nothing to do with the food quality? Well the time has come at last to rate fast food chains based on the food itself, (and on some personal anecdotes and memories based on sed restaurants.)
Most everyone has a story or two about a time they went to a certain food place. And boy howdy, do Keith and I have heaps of fond memories, and quite a few tales to tell. Our yarns are an entire podcast in and by itself (Episode 73.5: The Top Ten List). You’ll have to download the podcast to hear the details, but here’s a teaser: they involve all-you-can-eat biscuits; salad bars with vanilla and chocolate pudding; surviving on two meals a week; and crazy employees.

Did that whet your appetite? Good! So let’s dig into this week’s combo meals.

The Top Ten Fast Food Restaurants

Keith’s List

  •  10. Long John Silver’s
  • 9. White Castle
  • 8. Nathan’s
  • 7. Burger King
  • 6. Pizza Hut
  • 5. KFC
  • 4. Wendy’s
  • 3. Papa John’s
  • 2. Subway
  • 1. Dunkin’ Donuts

Honorable Mentions: McDonald’s; Roy Rogers; Taco Bell.

My List

  • 10. Jack in the Box
  • 9. KFC
  • 8. Nathan’s
  • 7. McDonald’s
  • 6. Arby’s
  • 5. Roy Rogers
  • 4. Chick Fil-A
  • 3. Taco Bell
  • 2. Wendy’s
  • 1. Sarku Japan

Honorable Mentions: Boston Market; Burger King; Charley’s Subs; Chipotle; Five Guys; In-N-Out Burger; Popeye’s; Qdoba; Quiznos; Sonic; Subway; Whataburger; White Castle.

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