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The Top Ten Mel Gibson movies


“The more of you that I inspect,
The more of me I see reflect,
The more I try to read your lips,
The more the mask you’re wearing rips.”

Megadeth – “Angry Again”

Mel Gibson’s movie career has spanned more than two and a half decades. He was one of the biggest action movie stars of the 1980’s. But unlike his fellow testosterone and steroid addled brethren, he has had even more success outside of actions features. His career has taken a nosedive ever since his infamous meltdown. Maybe he has a second act in him, but as long as Hollywood has many movers and shakers of the Hebrew persuasion, this might be a good as time as any to launch a Mel retrospective.

Surprisingly, Keith and I did not have the passion we usually have when it comes to arguing our top ten lists. Maybe we were too tired after an exceptionally long week, but a simpler answer might be that Mr Gibson’s talents were wasted on several mediocre, bad, and forgettable films. One example is 2014’s The Expendables 3. He was clearly the best thing in the movie, but the movie is absolute garbage. Looking back, perhaps we should have loaded up on the Lethal Weapon and Mad Max franchises, but I try to avoid that at all costs.

The bottom line is perhaps his infamous rant showed us that his ability to portray emotionally unstable characters wasn’t really too much of an acting stretch after all.

So like a Mad Max film, we’ll cut directly to the chase.

The Top Ten Mel Gibson Films

Keith’s List

Title – Role – Year

  • 10. What Women Want – Nick Marshall – 2000
  • 9. Tequila Sunrise – Dale McKussic – 1988
  • 8. Conspiracy Theory – Jerry Fletcher – 1997
  • 7. The Beaver – Walter Black – 2011
  • 6. Bird on a Wire – Rick Jarmin – 1990
  • 5. Mad Max 2 : The Road Warrior – Max Rockatansky – 1981
  • 4. Edge of Darkness – Thomas Craven – 2010
  • 3. The Man Without a Face – Justin McLeod – 1993
  • 2. Ransom – Tom Mullen – 1996
  • 1. Lethal Weapon – Martin Riggs – 1987

Honorable Mentions: The Patriot; Signs; Hamlet; Payback; Forever Young; The River; Air America; Braveheart.

My List

Title – Role – Year

  •  10. The Patriot – Benjamin Martin – 2000
  • 9. We Were Soldiers – Lt. Col. Hal Moore – 2002
  • 8. Edge of Darkness – Thomas Craven – 2010
  • 7. Air America – Gene – 1990
  • 6. Mad Max 2 : The Road Warrior – Max Rockatansky – 1981
  • 5. Maverick – Bret Maverick – 1994
  • 4. Payback – Porter – 1999
  • 3. Ransom – Tom Mullen – 1996
  • 2. Lethal Weapon – Martin Riggs – 1987
  • 1. Braveheart – William Wallace – 1995

Honorable Mentions: The Passion of the Christ (Directed only); Gallipoli; Tequila Sunrise; The Beaver; The Man Without a Face; The Year of Living Dangerously; What Women Want.

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