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Better Will Ferrell villain: Megamind vs President Business


Editor’s Note: This Versus post was written by Keith Feltenstein

Our next Versus battle is the battle of evil mater planning! Who do you think would be a better evil mastermind? Would it be Megamind from DreamWorks or President Business from The LEGO Movie?



Megamind is a super intelligent alien who was evacuated from his home world as a baby, along with Metro Man, who fall into paths of super villainy and super-heroism respectively. They grow up as rivals fighting for control of Metro City. Megamind is consistently defeated by Metro Man, and is constantly sent to prison.

President Business


President Business is an uptight company president who wants to organize everything around him. His alter-ego is Lord Business. As Lord Business, he commands a robot militia with plans to take over the world by gluing it together with a substance called Kragle, which is actually an old tube of Krazy Glue.

Next Podcast Unlimited Versus matchup: Robocop and ED-209 (1987) Vs. Robocop and ED-209 (2014).


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