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The Top Ten movie aliens


“Something more than human,
Someone with blood that’s cold and green”

Nerf Herder – “Mr. Spock”

Part of the appeal of sci-fi is to see non-human characters interact with humans. And I suppose part of the appeal for actors towards sci-fi is the challenge of playing a non-human character. More often than not, the big plot twist is that these aliens are not-so-different from us after all. Depending on your budget and imagination, the movie extra terrestrial can vary from a humanoid with some prosthetics and maybe some body paint, to something that is completely “alien” to any sentient Earth creature.

Sometimes they come to Earth. Sometimes, we come to them. Sometimes they come in peace. Or it could be war at first contact. So without further adieu, here is our lists of our favorite non-Terrans.

The Top Ten movie aliens

Keith’s List

  • 10. E.T.
  • 9. the aliens from “They Live”
  • 8. General Grievous (“Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith”)
  • 7. Mr Spock
  • 6. Chewbacca
  • 5. Superman
  • 4. Xenomorph (“Alien”)
  • 3. The Transformers
  • 2. Predator
  • 1. Yoda

Honorable Mentions: the Little Green Men (“Toy Story”); Starman; The Na’vi (“Avatar”); Mysterious Alien Creature (“Mac and Me”); The Martians from “The War of the Worlds”; the worms from “Men in Black”; the Nomads (Independence Day”); Audrey II (“Little Shop Of Horrors”)


My List

  • 10. Jeriba Shigan (“Enemy Mine”)
  • 9. The Zerg (“Starship Troopers”)
  • 8. Klaatu (“The Day the Earth Stood Still”)
  • 7. The Na’vi (“Avatar”)
  • 6. The Thing from Another Planet
  • 5. Superman
  • 4. Chewbacca
  • 3. E.T.
  • 2. Mr Spock
  • 1. Xenomorph (“Alien”)

Honorable Mentions: George Francisco (“Alien Nation”); Starman; Groot & Rocket Raccoon (“Guardians of the Galaxy”); The Princess Kaguya (“The Tale of The Princess Kaguya” / “Kaguyahime no monogatari”)

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