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Podcast Unlimited now has polls!


We’re getting close to the big reveal! We’re going one segment at a time. Strangely, the easiest segment to re-post, the movie review, is the one we haven’t touched… yet. We’ll save the best for last, I suppose.

Over at the podcast’s blog site, we’ve now included polls. These polls represent the “Versus” segment of the podcast: a head-to-head matchup of two (or more) iconic pop culture characters. Before you can say, “Been there. Done that,” note that not every matchup will be a “death match.” Hopefully (because that is the concept), some of these matches haven’t been done on the web ad nauseum.

Right now, we’ve posted our first two three “Versus” matchups. Go over there and vote!

If you have any requests/ideas you’d like for us to use for our “Versus” matchup, or our Top Ten Lists, please let us know.


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