2015 Word of the Year = Sriracha


Move over chipotle, you’ve been replaced.

The phrase, “flavor of the month” has hardly ever been so literal until now. Seems like you can not go anywhere without seeing the latest commercial icon. Restaurants are advertising all over the place that they have included this to their menu items. One reason as to why is because the word “sriracha,” according to the US Patent and Trademark Office, is considered too generic, and thus, fair game for anyone to use for their version of “Hot Sauce.” (The above rooster logo has been successfully copyrighted by Huy Fong Foods.)

While I applaud the trend of America adding spicier flavors to their collective palates, my enthusiasm was watered down when I learned its true hotness value on the Scoville scale. Apparently, it is just as hot as a jalepeño pepper. That may be hot enough for many Americans, there are many folks all over the world, (especially those that live closer to the Equator), that would still consider this flavor quite mild.


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