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R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy

Everyone is mourning the passing of Leonard Nimoy. Of course the first thing mentioned about him is his most famous role, the half-human/half-Vulcan Science Officer, Mr. Spock, from the Star Trek franchise. Others will mention his music career, which has reached a “so bad, it’s good” cult status.

For me, my first introduction to Leonard Nimoy is the narrator of the TV series, In Search of…. This was the series that got me into science fiction and fantasy. While Baby Boomers enjoyed this show because it was voiced by “Mr Spock,” I only enjoyed reruns of Star Trek (TOS) because the show’s co-star was the guy from ISo. Even before I watch Trek on TV, I watched reruns of Mission:Impossible. The (original) series ran for 5 seasons, and the last two featured Nimoy as “The Great Paris,” a the team’s designated master of disguise. I even had a head canon that Mr Spock, was an undercover spy, played by a descendant of The Great Paris. My final memory of Nimoy was his role in the 4X video game, “Civilization IV.” He voiced the opening narration, and all of the new technological discoveries. I was disappointed that he wasn’t brought back for Civ V.

Possibly the best tribute to Nimoy was one that was made in 2002 by the band Nerf Herder.

Don’t worry Leonard, you had lived long, and certainly prospered.

ADDENDUM: For a more in-depth tribute, please check out Podcast Unlimited’s eulogy.


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