Song of the Moment – “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon

It is no surprise that I would be partial towards a song that has a 90’s vibe to it (especially the video). What is more surprising is that a song from 2015 is more 90’s sounding than an actual 90’s song with the same exact title!

As catchy as the song is, I’m afraid we are approaching a downward spiral of recursive nostalgia. Walk the Moon’s videos have a tendency to homage the 80’s and 90’s. Especially the parts that were being nostalgic towards previous decades; the former towards the 1960’s, the latter towards the 1970’s.

In fact I know the first four words that will pop into your mind when you see this video.

(I bet it’s “Saved by The Bell.”) 

I suppose I am way too self-conscious of the current 90’s revival. Before I first heard the song for the first time, and the radio DJ mentioned the title, my initial reaction was, “Walk the Moon is going to do an Aerosmith cover?”  Hey, it’s not like it’s the first time someone covered a song off of the “Get A Grip” album. I remember the review of that album that I wrote for my college newspaper back in 1993. It was never published, thankfully. Because my conclusion was completely wrong. The album represented a transition for the band. The song, “Shut Up and Dance,” was the song designated for the movie and soundtrack of “Wayne’s World 2.” The first half had mostly hard-rock songs, a style that was losing popularity at the time to the grunge sound of the Pacific Northwest. The second half was almost all power ballads, which provided the biggest hits for the album, and thus provided the direction of the band for the next decade plus. Aerosmith was the only hard-rock act to thrive and survive the 90’s. Not only that, they outlasted all of the grunge bands that ended the musical careers of all the hard-rock bands whose biggest hits were power ballads of the 80’s and 90’s. There was no way a 20-year-old me would be able to predict that. (Neither could my editor. He also rejected my “Pulp Fiction” film review later that semester, stating that no one would give a crap about that movie.)

So what if Walk the Moon is misrepresenting the early 1990’s? I prefer their version over the reality that I experienced at PCU during that time. Apparently, eleven students from my alma mater also seem to prefer living in an altered state, as opposed to the frozen crapsack winter of 2015.


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