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The I, Omnibus Top Ten favorite music acts from Australia


This list is dedicated to two groups of people: (1) for those (probably Millennials) who believe that Iggy Azalea is the greatest act to come out of Australia; and (2) those who believe that Iggy Azalea is proof that no good acts have ever come out of Australia. What makes me qualified to judge music from Down Under? Well, considering I live somewhere near the antipodes of the continent, any group would have to be somewhat talented in order for their music to get exported near me.

Okay, don’t take this list too seriously. But this is to provide some evidence that Miss Azalea is not even in the top ten musical imports from Australia. Think of her as the Foster’s of musical acts: overhyped, overrated, and an assault on your sense of taste.

‘Fess up, how many of you not from Australia could even come up with ten musical acts? And for the natives, how many did you thinks were able to achieve success overseas?

This was the result of a dare. During one of my usual rants, a colleague of mine challenged me to come up with this list. It took me less than a day to complete his challenge. So I present to you, the same list I presented to him.

The I, Omnibus Top Ten favorite music acts from Australia

(a.k.a. Take That, Iggy)
  • 10. Silverchair
  • 9. Natalie Imbruglia
  • 8. Gold Fields
  • 7. Birds of Tokyo
  • 6. Kylie Minogue
  • 5. Men at Work
  • 4. INXS
  • 3. Midnight Oil
  • 2. Bee Gees
  • 1. AC/DC

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