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The Top Ten Super Powers (comic book characters, not political)


You’ve heard this question (or a variant of it) before, “If you had to choose one super power, which one would you choose?” We have your answers right here. (No, we’re not talking about the USSR.)

Dungeons and Dragons was not the only tabletop RPG I played. Back in the 80’s, I also played Marvel Super Heroes. I got to roll up my very own superhero. With the power do 2d10, I got to roll my stats, and super powers. (I still remember them: Fighting, Agility, Strength, Endurance, Reason, Intellect, and Psyche. The first 4 constituted your health score; the latter 3 made up your Karma). You also had to roll for your “class”: Mutant; Altered human; Hi-Tech Wonder; Robot; or Alien. Almost every ability and power in the Marvel Universe was available. Sadly, I no longer have the Judge’s Book, the campaign modules, or the multi-colored hit charts. I still have dice, however.

Of course we are not limited ourselves to just the Marvel Universe. Nor are we limiting ourselves to heroes. Using the (non-super) powers of our imaginations, we came up with our lists.

To avoid redundancy, just assume the word “super” is placed ahead of some of these abilities/powers.

The Top Ten Super Powers

Keith’s List

  • 10. telepathy
  • 9. invisibility
  • 8. shape shifting/mimicry
  • 7. telekinesis
  • 6. invulnerability/body armor
  • 5. agility
  • 4. fire/ice (elements)
  • 3. speed
  • 2. flight
  • 1. strength

My List

  • 10. invisibility
  • 9. gravity
  • 8. flight
  • 7. telekinesis
  • 6. teleportation
  • 5. electricity
  • 4. speed
  • 3. magnetism
  • 2 .regeneration
  • 1. reality warping

Honorable Mentions: weather control; darkforce; animal control; ESP; elemental control (earth, air, fire, or water); wood/paper control; light/illusionist; second sight/3rd eye; mimicry

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