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The Top Ten (US) TV Shows of the 1990’s

Now that it has been at least a decade and a half since it ended, we can safely begin the 1990’s nostalgia wave…. Wait, what do mean it already started?

Every decade and every era makes its case for being a Golden Age. In regards to television, some say the Golden Age was during the 1950’s. Some state that the current era (the 2010’s) is the Golden Age. I would side more with the latter than the former. And if we are enjoying some of the best television programs in the 2010’s, then this decade owes a huge debt of gratitude to the 1990’s. The nineties may not have the best of all time, but it was very good, and it was start of many social and media shifts. The advent of the Fox Network, basic cable TV, and the world-wide web all began in the 90’s. Science fiction was resurrected, and became a respected genre during this time. The concept of story arcs also began in the 90’s (also in the sci-fi genre).

One final note: I stuck with mostly live-action shows. I had no idea Keith would go with animated shows. Since I am the self-professed otaku of Podcast Unlimited, I have made my very own Top Ten lists for 90’s cartoons, and 90’s anime series, which will be posted subsequently after this one.

Without further adieu, here is…

The Top Ten (US) Television shows of the 1990’s

Keith’s List

  • 10. MadTV
  • 9. Seinfeld
  • 8. X-Men: The Animated Series
  • 7. Friends
  • 6. South Park
  • 5. Party of Five
  • 4. Sliders
  • 3. Spider-Man: The Animated Series
  • 2. That 70’s Show
  • 1. Farscape

My List

  • 10. Babylon 5
  • 9. The Ben Stiller Show
  • 8. Twin Peaks
  • 7. South Park
  • 6. NewsRadio
  • 5. The Kids in the Hall
  • 4. In Living Color
  • 3. Sopranos
  • 2. Seinfeld
  • 1. The X-Files

Honorable Mentions: Freaks and Geeks; Sports Night; NYPD Blue; Mystery Science Theatre 3000; The Man Show; MTV Unplugged; Married with Children; Homicide:Life on the Streets; The Larry Sanders Show; ECW.

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