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The Top Ten (mostly) fictional hand-held weapons

Ah, the BFG, the best way to settle any disagreement, argument, or fight. Sure, it’s great, but the ammo is as rare as hell, and such an encumbering burden to carry everywhere.

Today, we’re going to make the case for more portable weapons, ones that are hand-held. I title this list mostly fictional for now, but, hey, in a few decades, some of these might come to fruition. (And God help us all if that’s the case.)

Here is my criteria: a weapon that is specifically designed for one person, or one alignment, is very limited, and was thus, downgraded. That is why I could not place Excalibur, Mjolnir, or even the The Speaking Gun on my list. My list is more universal, and is not limited. Of course things like power, range, and utility were also factors as well. Think of the classic scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Or even the classic line delivered by Sean Connery from The Untouchables. Sharp objects sure are nice, shiny, and sharp, but they will lose to a gun almost every time (unless you are in some really close quarters).

Without further adieu, here is:

The Top Ten Hand-Held Weapons

Keith’s list

  • 10. the Green Lantern rings
  • 9. Noisy Cricket (Men In Black)
  • 8. Sting (The Hobbit)
  • 7. the Phaser (Star Trek)
  • 6. Sword of Omens (Thundercats)
  • 5. Freddy Kruger’s glove (Nightmare on Elm Street)
  • 4. Ghostbusters’ proton pack
  • 3. Batarang (Batman)
  • 2. Capt America’s shield
  • 1. Light Saber (Star Wars)

My List

  • 10. Sonic screwdriver (Dr Who)
  • 9. Blue tortoise shell (Mario Kart)
  • 8. Web slinger (Spider-Man)
  • 7. Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum Model 29 (Dirty Harry)
  • 6. Capt America’s shield
  • 5. Light Saber
  • 4. Ghostbusters’ proton pack
  • 3. Zorg ZF-1 (The 5th Element)
  • 2. the Green Lantern rings
  • 1. the Infinity Gauntlet (Avengers)

Honorable mentions: Universal remote control (Click); Sick Stick (Kick-Ass 2); Glaive (Krull); a Hattori Hanzo katana (Kill Bill); The Holy hand grenade of Antioch (Monty Python and the Holy Grail).

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