Song of the Moment: “Come with me now” by KONGOS

It’s been awhile since I was hooked on a song in the opening 15 seconds. Perhaps it’s the accordion. Perhaps that is why I am a huge TMBG fan.

I hate giving my SotM tag to a song that is 18 months old. But they look like an up-and-coming band that originated from South Africa. I just heard the song recently, and it is a great change-of-pace from all the folk-rock I have been hearing on the radio lately. As much as I loved that sound in 2011, I am getting a bit tired of hearing bands such as Of Monsters and Men, Imagine Dragons, and Cage the Elephant.

Honorable mention goes to Foster the People. Their new single, “Coming of Age” is an appropriate title. Marc Foster and The People have a more mature sound from the debut album. I almost didn’t believe this was a FTP song until the end.

Another Honorable mention goes to Fitz and the Tantrums “The Walker.” It’s a bells-and-whistles song, which is my kryptonite. It’s good for them that they are getting mainstream airplay, but perhaps overexposure may be a bad thing.


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