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Quick updates – Plans for 2014

So… what’s next?


Some of you may have noticed that I, Omnibus is on twitter. If I set things up properly, some of you are reading this via twitter. I will be able to give quick, one or two sentence reviews and/or comments instead of struggling to pad out a blog post. I hoping to take this to the next level. In which I mean going from the sub-sub basement to the sub-basement. Baby steps folks!


As for the podcast…

I can confirm that episode 1 of Podcast Unlimited is in the can. Right now, we are constructing the website itself. The site is going to be more than just a place we upload the ‘casts. Trust me, it’s going to be bigger than you expect.

I will post footnotes to expand on some of our ramblings, as well as some corrections. Yes, I was stunned to find out we made mistakes.

I am working on the script for episode 2.

There will be a theme song for the podcast. It is a chicken-or-the-egg dilemma. The artist wants to hear our work in order to get an idea for a song. But as soon as we get all cylinders running, we should have a kick-ass theme for an intro.

I am also working on a script for a mini podcast. Tentatively titled “episode 0,” we will delve into the origins of our alter-egos. I thought about posting it in my blog when I first started, but this anecdote is better suited to a vocal, not written, medium.


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