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UPDATE: Podcast Unlimited

Quick note – I just finished recording the first episode of Podcast Unlimited. It is a co-production with my friend, Keith. We need to do some major editing. (It was much longer than I thought.) Even after we remove most of the “umms” and “uhhs”, our debut will probably still run north of an hour.

Podcast Unlimited will be a discussion of pop culture. We will discuss some of the major weekly headlines, comment on what was released on DVD and Blu-ray; estimate the weekly box office grosses (US only), and give an in-depth review of a current movie.

Episode 1’s highlight is a review of the Disney animated feature, Frozen.

The podcast site is still under construction. But I will post links to the episodes, as well as provide footnotes that explain most of our cultural references and inside jokes, once it is up and running.

I am so psyched that we finally got this done after talking about doing a podcast for months. The bad part is listening to myself. I just cringe every time I hear me hum and haw every other sentence.

Feedback and constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated. Especially since neither one of us knows what we are doing.


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