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The Halls Hall of Fame

There is a Hall of Fame for almost everything. This is not one of the “rules” of the internet. It is a sad matter of fact. The only thing that doesn’t have a Hall of Fame is people or things named “Hall.” And I’m going to rectify that right now.

Here is the inaugural class for the Halls Hall of Fame (tHHoF):

Monty Hall
Monty Hall
  • Monty Hall – The original host of Let’s Make A Deal. His name is synonymous with multiple choice, trades involving unknown commodities, and very generous DMs in a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. He should be considered the patron saint for gamblers and cosplayers everywhere.

  • Hall and Oates
    Hall and Oates

    Daryl Hall – lead singer of the 1980’s pop duo Hall and Oates. I’m not going to say that H&O is a guilty pleasure of mine because, dammit they were too good to be labeled as a guilty pleasure. If they are good enough for Psych, then they are worthy enough for tHHoF.

  • Halls cough drops
    Halls cough drops

    HALLS Cough Drops – The only cough drops that ever worked for me. Sure, as a kid, I preferred Ludens, but that was because Ludens was basically candy, and did nothing for my health. Nowadays, I drop one of these honey-lemon bad boys in a cup of hot tea, and it does wonders for my sinuses.

Arsenio Hall
Arsenio Hall
  • Arsenio Hall – I’m not sure why wiki lists him as a journalist, but he is best known as a talk show host. Without Arsenio, we wouldn’t have had Paula Abdul or Bill Clinton. To appreciate the true value the Arsenio Hall Show had on 1990’s pop culture, go watch The ArScheerio Paul Show on YouTube. Did you know he was the original voice for Winston Zeddemore in the seriously underrated 1980’s cartoon, The Real Ghostbusters? Arsenio has been getting a lot of flack since his first talk show went off the air, so I hope this balances the scales just a bit.
Anthony Michael Hall
Anthony Michael Hall
  • Anthony Michael Hall – Another under-appreciated Hall makes the list. His reputation has always suffered due to his association with the “Brat Pack” of the 1980’s, but his performances have always been solid. He was way over his head during his stint as a regular on Saturday Night Live, but so was much of the cast of the 1985-1986 season. He played Bill Gates in the 1999 TNT movie, Pirates of Silicon Valley. And he was the star of another under-appreciated TV show, Stephen King’s Dead Zone.
  • Tammany Hall – A political organization that ran New York City for nearly 200 years. Its name is synonymous with corruption, greed, and patronage. The most infamous leaders of Tammany Hall was William “Boss” Tweed during the mid-Nineteenth century. New York didn’t have to worry about these things under the mayor-ship of Michael Bloomberg. But with the recent election of Democrat Bill DeBlasio, there is a concern that the machine could rise again in 2014.
  • Royal Albert Hall – I confess that my knowledge of the Royal Albert Hall of Arts and Sciences is limited to its reference in the Beatles’ song, “A Day in the Life.” But it is a major concert venue in London, and has been since 1871. It would be a major injustice to my friends across the pond to exclude the cultural landmark from this list.

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