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Anime Monopoly – Pioneer / Geneon edition

(Monopoly Month continues, and still no check from Parker Brothers Hasbro….)


Once upon a time, back in the mid 1990’s, no anime distributor was bigger or better in North America than Pioneer Entertainment (USA) Inc. Back then, anime fans had to choose between watching their anime on either a subbed VHS, or a dubbed VHS. And the debates on the online bulletin boards were fierce. “Sub vs. Dub” was the “Less Filling vs Tastes Great” debate of its time. And the proponents of the “Dub” side continually pointed towards Pioneer, since Pioneer’s dubs were different from most of the other anime titles out there in the fact that their dubs didn’t suck! In fact, even after the release of Cowboy Bebop, there were some hard-core fans out there that still insisted that some of Pioneer’s titles had the best English dubs ever. (They were wrong – that distinction belongs to AnimEigo for their dubs of You’re Under Arrest! and Oh! My Goddess. )

The advent of the DVD did not slow down Pioneer. The combination of quality licensed titled and high quality English dubs more than made up for the fact that the competition (especially ADV) was grabbing shows left and right. That many of these titles are still readily available due to the fact that Funimation quickly grabbed many of these titles almost immediately after Geneon closed shop is a testament to the popularity and marketability of these shows.

Note: taking Rule 200 into account, I’m certain that there are all Sailor Moon and Tenchi Muyo! versions out there somewhere. So when I list theses franchises below, they represent all the OVAs, movies, and TV series that Pioneer/Geneon licensed.

If I were to guess, this version is the only that will get the most controversy. I decided to take many of my personal favorites in this case. I am more than happy to debate why I forsook certain titles (e.g.: Chobits, Paradise Kiss). I guess that is why I found this version to be the easiest of the bunch to compile. With all that being said, here is my Geneon (nee Pioneer) edition of MONOPOLY:

Dark Purple = Familiar of Zero, When They Cry

Railroads = Gankutsuo (Count of Monte Cristo), L/R: Licensed by Royalty, Fighting Spirit, Sherlock Hound

Light Blue = Haibane Renmei, Niea_7, Master Keaton

Light Purple = Ergo Proxy, Vandread, Gungrave

Utilities = Armitage III, Lupin III

Orange = serial experiments lain, Black Lagoon, Samurai Champloo

Red = Last Exile, Trigun, Hellsing

Yellow = Fushigi Yûgi, Shakugan no Shana, Fate/stay night

Dark Green = Cardcaptor Sakura, El-Hazard, Paranoia Agent

Dark Blue = Tenchi Muyo!, Sailor Moon

Next  Week: MONOPOLY Month concludes with a trip to the Lone Star State. Everything is bigger in Texas, and no anime company’s rise and subsequent fall was bigger than Houston’s own A.D. Vision.


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