Anime Monopoly – Central Park Media edition

Central Park Media
Central Park Media


Central Park Media (CPM) was one of the forefathers who brought anime across the Pacific.  Many of the anime VHS cassettes from the 1980’s and early 1990’s were courtesy of CPM. Sadly, several of CPM’s VHS titles never got converted to DVD format (never mind Blu-ray) before their license expired. It is for that reason that those titles were not considered for this idea. If you think about it, if these titles were any good, (1) there would be a clamor for them from the otaku; and (2) they would have been picked up by another company already. That is definitely not the case with many of the titles I chose below: many had been re-licensed and are easily available in the North American market today. Many of their early titles were your typical “hot-blooded” action OVAs from the 1980’s. And if the plots were considered weak, the dubs were equally poor. Don’t believe me? How about believing someone who was there at the time. Some of their marketing ideas, (like having box sets) were ground breaking and innovative. Even when they were still afloat, CPM couldn’t afford to keep some of their licenses, making this version the most true-to-form of this series.

I hope everyone knows the rules of the game….

In order to save time and avoid confusion, here is what the regular Monopoly board looks like. Please use it as a reference:

Monopoly board
The standard Monopoly board

Before I present my list, a little explanation of my choices. I tried to tie titles in the same color group together by a common genre, but that wasn’t always the case. The titles I chose were all subjective, i.e. based on my perceived popularity amongst the fandom, and my personal preferences. I will be more than happy to discuss why certain titles made the cut, and why some were left out. (Of course, when it comes to CPM, there were almost as many unworthy titles than worthy.) It was slim pickings this week. It gets better from here on in.

The Dark Blue titles, i.e.: Park Place and Boardwalk, are the one I consider the flagship and/or signature titles for the company. The Oranges are my personal favorites. The Railroads and Utilities are Wild Cards that I couldn’t place anywhere else.

Without further ado, here is the Central Park Media version of Monopoly:

 Dark Purple = MD Geist, RG Veda

Railroads = Dominion Tank Police, Ayane’s High Kick, Birdy the Mighty, Here is Greenwood

Light Blue = Alien 9, DNA2, World of Narue

Light Purple = Darkside Blues, Demon City Shinjuku, Descendants of Darkness

Utilities = Animation Runner Kuromi, Gall Force

Orange = Record of Lodoss War, Now and Then Here and There, Revolutionary Girl Utena

Red = Photon, Project A-Ko, The Slayers

Yellow = Cyber City Uedo, Night Walker: Midnight Detective, Area 88

Dark Green = Venus Wars, A Wind Named Amnesia, Armored Trooper VOTOMS

Dark Blue = Patlabor, Grave of the Fireflies

Unfortunately, it gets harder after this.

Next week: the company that was launched by the sales of its own model robot kits. The company that wanted to bring us the Star Trek and Stars Wars of anime, but instead gave us the most popular and successful overseas anime of all time (despite its relative obscurity back home) … Bandai Entertainment.


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