Song of the Moment – “Harlem” by New Politics

Summer is just a week old, and yet the media has already proclaimed their picks for “The Song of the Summer of 2013.” And although I thought about changing my pick once I heard this song on a TV ad, I must say I am a bit disturbed by the fact that Taco Bell and I share the same taste in music. (Last year it was Passion Pit, now this? At least their ad for their Cool Ranch Doritos taco is a whole lot more effective than KFC’s current marketing campaign.) Before I get to my selection, I’d like to take a few moments to talk about some honorable (and some dishonorable) mentions…

First off, we have Icona Pop’s “I Love it.” I have a friend who was going to call his website Iconic Pop, but this band, (not to mention PepsiCo Corp.) beat him to it. I don’t get the lyrics. Not only does it redundantly promote bad driving, it gives the decade of the 90’s a bad name. There is nothing “90’s” about this band unless Europe is a decade and a half behind the rest of us.

Speaking of Europe, we have Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky.” I do like this song, so don’t get me wrong. My take has been that this band is overrated when it comes to writing soundtracks. One or two songs can not carry a movie. Daft Punk has to rely on either a hip-hop mogul, or an anime director to make their music interesting to the masses.

A song that has surprised me by crossing over to the mainstream is Capital Cities’ “Safe and Sound.” To me, it sounds like another Euro-pop song, but the band originated in Los Angeles, CA. CC has done a better job sounding like Phoenix than Phoenix. Sorry Phoenix, I want to like your new song, “Trying to be Cool,” but I am finding it too bland to make a lasting impression.

The less said about Fall Out Boy, the better.

The 2000’s gave us the lyric, “Shake it like a Polaroid picture,” which was ironic since the advent of the camera phone and digital camera made instant cameras by Polaroid obsolete by the 21st Century. New Politics has given us a better line, “Shake it like a bad girl up in Harlem.” It is my favorite line of the year. For the last twelve months, we have been inundated with Neo-Folk Rock, and none of them have anything better than that.

Your move, André 3000.


2 thoughts on “Song of the Moment – “Harlem” by New Politics

  1. Good stuff, David. I know it’s from last year but I can’t stop listening to Die Antwoord. Their live footage makes me want to attend one of their concerts. Plus they threw a major diss at Lady Gaga, so that alone makes them likeable.


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