Nick Swisher’s identity crisis

Nick Swisher running on the basepaths during a...
Nick Swisher (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The historic postseason slump that has plagued the New York Yankees has taken its toll on one particular Yankee, Nick Swisher. Not that this should come as too much of a surprise to him since Swisher has always been a terrible hitter in the post-season. As if the monumental lack of success against opposing teams’ pitchers was enough, Swisher has decided to pick a fight against a group that no professional athlete has ever won – the fans.

Being the starting Right Fielder of the New York Yankees (up until Game 3 of the ALCS), Swisher might feel like his 2012 team, and he in particular, is as popular as the 1998 Yankees, as clutch as the 1977 Yankees, and as feared as the 1927 Yankees. So he is absolutely perplexed as to why the Bronx Bleacher Creatures have turned on him. Here’s why. While the position of Center Fielder of the Yankees have produced some of the greatest baseball players of all-time (Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, and Bernie Williams was no slouch either), Right Field of the Yankees have also produced some legendary players as well. While Paul O’Neill may not be considered by any baseball fan as a Hall of Famer, he was certainly of the most popular players amongst the Yankee fans (not an easy feat when your teammates included Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera). Swisher’s lack of heroics in the post-season stands out even more when compared to one Reggie Jackson, the man nicknamed “Mr. October” due to his ability to come up with big hits when it counted the most. And finally, the undisputed greatest baseball player of all time played right field for the Yankees: George Herman “Babe” Ruth.
I’m not asking Swisher to attack water buckets with a bat, or hit 3 Home Runs on just 3 pitches, or even “call his shot.” (Mainly because I’m not a Yankee fan.) But I am asking him to understand that fans have a right to boo lackluster performances of their home team, and winning back a fanbase that is as knowledgeable and spoiled as the New York Yankee fan is not going to happen by calling them out through the media.


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