Song of the Moment: “Oblivion” by Grimes

This post has been changed twice in the past 2 days (before deciding on this song). I want to thank the Sklar Brothers for featuring this song on their podcast. My first impression of this song was that this was from the 1990’s. But this is indeed a 2012 song. (I have no idea why I think every techno song I hear is from sometime between 1987 and 2001.) The video is mostly shot at a few sporting events, but I hardly believe this has a chance to be a stadium anthem. And while no one will ever think of her as a potential Canadian Idol winner (if the show was still on the air, that is), she is a better musical representative of the Great White North than current schlock-pop sensation, Carly Rae Jepsen. (Call you Maybe? OK, you’re “Maybe.”)


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