Hometown hero preserves first Mets no-hitter

Friday night was a night Mets’ fans thought they would never see, and it was a night they will never forget. Most baseball fans will admit that Johan Santana had the credentials to throw a no-hitter, but not 11 starts after having major shoulder surgery that sidelined him for the entire 2011 season. There were more ironies in the storyline than fans in attendance at Citi Field. One of the more amazing aspects of the game was that the best defensive plays was made a local boy who grew up underneath the shadows of Shea Stadium rooting for the Amazin’s. The pride of Whitestone, NY, Michael Joseph Baxter, crashed into the (new) left field wall to rob (one of the many) Met killer, Yadier Molina of a hit. Baxter paid the price, as he had to leave the game after making the catch. My hat is off to Santana, Baxter, and the rest of the Mets. As a fellow Whitestonian, I couldn’t be more proud of Baxter. He is now a part of Mets’ history, and no matter what he does here on out for the rest of his career, he will fondly remembered by all Mets’ fans. And having a 100% approval rating amongst Mets fans is almost as rare as a Mets no-hitter. Cheers!


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