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Song of the moment: “Youth Without Youth” by Metric

As a policy, I try to keep my “Songs of the Moment” fairly new. Of course, there is no rule that a SotM has to be modern. I suppose I could use a classic rock or retro song if I had a compelling reason or anecdote to share. There are just as many people who are unaware of some “hidden gems” of the past as there are folks who are awaiting for the “next big thing” to hit the airwaves. While I do not claim to be a prognosticator of pop music, and I do not have enough clout to be a trendsetter (yet), I can say these two things for certain: (1) this song is fairly recent; and (2) this is my current, favorite new song, “Youth Without Youth” by Metric.

The band has always reminded me of Garbage. I hear similarities between Metric’s Emily  Haines and Garbage’s Shirley Manson. That’s a good thing as Garbage is one of my favorite bands. That this song reminds me of some of Garbage’s early hits could mean Garbage’s self-titled album and “Version 2.0” were ahead of their time. Or maybe the fact that I prefer “Youth Without Youth” over “Blood for Poppies” might confirm I really don’t what I’m talking about when it comes to music. But it is not the sounds that bring comparisons between the two bands. They both share similar themes in their singles. So it would not be out-of-place for Metric to cover a Garbage song, and vice-versa. In fact, I bet they could confuse a whole bunch of people if they ever collaborated on a project.

As an avid trivia player, I recognize that there is an art to creating trivia questions. Especially when it comes to chronology. And while it is easy to remember that Academy Award winners for a particular year are given to movies released the year prior, music trivia can be a bit dicier. Many times you can hear a song years after its release, especially if the artist is from another country. Using multiple sources for research is critical. Even though I keep my own notes when I hear a “new” song on the radio, it can turn out that the “new” song wasn’t as new as I (or the DJ) thought. Which leads me to the first time I heard Metric on the radio. I loved “Help, I’m Alive” because it was unlike most songs that were on the radio at the time. And for me, that time was late January/early February of 2010. I put it down as one of my top songs for 2010. Of course, it turns out that the song was originally released in 2008, and its U.S. release date was in early 2009. And that is one of the reasons I didn’t post a “Best of” list at the end of last year.


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