Earworm of the moment: “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons

One rule that I have is that everyone is entitled to have 5 “guilty pleasure” songs per year. There are going to be songs that you like for reasons that you cannot justify nor rationalize. I’ll admit that five is an arbitrary number. That means that casual listeners have more than enough slack, and music snobs have to pick and choose very wisely in order to maintain their “cred.” And before anyone asks, No, there are no rollovers. If you chose 3 guilty pleasures last year, you do not get 7 the following year. Why? Because that’s how I roll.

Most of the time, I save my guilty pleasures for bubblegum pop schlock. It is a rare occurrence that I use one of my five for an alt-rock song. However, I have no explanation as to why I like this song. Yeah, the chorus is catchy as all hell. But that’s called an earworm! The first few times I heard this song, I remember thinking to myself that it’s a nice song, but there was little to no chance that this would be my next “Song of the Moment.” Yet the other day, I caught myself humming this song to myself… outdoors… in public. I shuttered in horror. I warn you, do not let this song become too popular. If this song is played all over the place on Top 40 radio stations, you are going to hate this song very quickly. Then you are going to hate the band. You will then hate me for introducing this song to you, and hate yourself for liking the damn song in the first place, and finally hating life in general! You will be so full of anger that people like Lewis Black and the Angry Video Game Nerd will tell you to chill out.

In other words, when you reach that point … welcome to my world.


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