Song of the moment: “Midnight City” by M83

The first time I heard this song, I was thinking about 1980’s science fiction, especially the cyberpunk classics like “Blade Runner” and “Bubblegum Crisis.” Apparently, the directors of the video, Fleur & Manu, were thinking the same thing. They pay homage to the “kids with telepathic powers” sub-genre such as “Children of the Damned” and “Akira.” I imagine if you were living in the 1980’s, and you had to imagine what pop/soundtrack music would sound like in the 2010’s, you would come up with something like “Midnight City.” I suppose it’s too late to add this to Magic/Bird, and turn it into a musical.

Speaking of sci-fi soundtrack music, an honorable mention for my SotM goes to “The Hunger Games” soundtrack single, “One Engine” by the Decemberists. When I heard it on the radio, the DJ felt like he had to give a five-minute primer on “The Hunger Games.” Why? You’re on an alternative rock station. Your audience is either: (1) Gen-X-rs like me who have kids reading the book; (2) tweens currently reading the book; or (3) Gen-y-rs who are on top of pop culture to know all about the book trilogy and subsequent movie(s). I mean, the song is only 3:01. If the DJ has to talk about anything, give us some new information about the band instead.


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