The Mets should honor Gary Carter by retiring his #8 jersey

English: Gary Carter's Retired #8 with the Mon...
the Expos have already done it

In the 50 year history of the New York Mets franchise, they have retired only three numbers (not including the league-wide retirement of Jackie Robinson‘s number 42). And two of them belonged to managers. And while the Mets have not issued the number 8 to anyone since Carter, it is about time the Mets did the right thing and officially add number 8 to the very short list of retired numbers. With the franchise in dire need of good PR, this move makes much more sense than adding John Franco to their team’s Hall of Fame. My favorite memory of Gary Carter that hasn’t been mentioned yet is one of my favorite clips from the 1986 season. While Carter was in the dugout, he took a tennis ball, and bounces it off the dugout camera’s lens. (I can’t believe I can’t find it on YouTube.) And if a franchise that no longer exists can have Carter’s number retired, then it’s long time that the Mets finally bestow the ultimate honor for the first time to a position player.


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