The Lin-candescent, Lin-satiable meme that is Linsanity

I know what you are thinking: either I am too late to the Jeremy Lin bandwagon, or I am too early to start the Lin-evitable backlash. I am not a poser; nor am I a hater. I wish to put some perspective and want to offer some reasonable expectations for the New York Knicks. First off, let’s not hold Mr Lin to the staggering numbers he produced in his first few starts. No one can maintain that pace in a normal regular season schedule. In this year’s truncated season, 66 games are played in only 128 days. I wouldn’t hold the current elite NBA players to the numbers Lin has placed in his first six starts for the Knicks. Another point to consider is that as a Point Guard (PG), his primary job is  to distribute the ball and rack up the assists. Scoring , while always a plus, should be secondary. So as long as he averages 7, 8, or even (gasp) 10 assists per game, I am happy. And if those assists are in the form of alley-oops to Landry Fields, Tyson Chandler, or Amar’e Stoudemire, I’m sure SportsCenter will be happy too. Speaking of Stoudemire, he was at his best when he ran the pick-and-roll with another melanin challenged PG when he played on the Phoenix Suns. Maybe one day, perhaps, Carmelo Anthony will be healthy and ready to play. Most importantly, Lin gets it. He knows the surreality of the moment. And that’s just makes him all the more likeable. A humble, overnight sensation, professional athlete.

As for the haters that are playing the race baiting card, or the New York media hype card, all I can utter is “pffft.” That’s right, you don’t even earn the dignity of a real rebuke, or even a real word. I already made my weak attempt at racial humor, so I’ll go straight to the latter part. Because, as everyone knows, New York is so desperate for a winner, due to the fact that the city hasn’t enjoyed a championship since 1973, 1986, 1994, 2009, 2012. (Wait, what?) And Madison Square Garden hasn’t had an undrafted player become an All-Star since… Dan Girardi in 2012. (Wait, what?) And if there was a New York media bias, the NHL would be more popular now than it was in 1980 or 1994. And the ultimate irony is that all of this is occurring at a time when the Madison Square Garden Network is being blacked out from the home of many New Yorkers who subscribe to Time Warner cable. (I know. I’m missing the Rangers and Devils, and have as the NHL Net and a 2nd NBA TV channel as compensation.) In fact, Lin’s greatest accomplishment may not be his 38 point performance against the LA Lakers, but his impact to break the impasse between the two mega-greedy, mega-corporations. Now that’s just Lin-credible!


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