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Odds for Madonna’s Super Bowl XLVI’s playlist

Now that we know that Madonna will be singing her latest single, “Give me all your love,” it’s time we post the odds for the rest of the set list for the Halftime show. I looked up her discography, and here are my odds of what songs she will perform. Note that since the most recent halftime shows run between 14-16 minutes, the set will consist of 4, maybe 5 edited songs at maximum. (The odds will be listed in parenthesis.) So, without further ado…

“Vogue” (2-5) : this song is perfect for this format. Arguably her greatest hit.
“Express Yourself” (1-2) : how many tweens will be upset that she is ripping off Lady Gaga?
“Like a Prayer” (even) : the remix is getting heavy radio airplay.
“Music” (2-1) : another song that fits the bill nicely. Her biggest hit of the 2000’s.
“Holiday” (5-1) : the Super Bowl is a quasi-American holiday.
“True Blue” (10-1) only because the Giants are in the game. Maybe we’ll get a duet with Bob Papa.
“La Isla Bonita” (10-1) the popular dark horse pick.
“Cherish” (15-1) just have a funny feeling that it is due for some retro, nostalgia love.
“Papa Don’t Preach” (20-1) : due to the current political climate. And the game is in a Tea Party state.
“Fever” (25-1) : if any cover song will be sung, this one is the most probable.
“Material Girl” (25-1) : the song epitomizes the ridiculous amount of money spent on advertisements.
“Give it 2 Me” (40-1) : remember this song from 2008? Her last, big hit single.
“Celebration” (40-1) : will also pay out if it is the Kool & The Gang song of the same name.
“Borderline”, “Dress You Up”, “Lucky Star”, “Everybody”, “Angel” “Burning Up”(75-1) : all of these early hits from the 80’s can be thrown in as part of a medley.
“Causing a Commotion” (80-1) : if she does indeed want to create some controversy, this would be the most appropriate song title.
“Like a Virgin” (100-1) : People are mentioning this as part of an ironic joke. No one is serious about this, right?
“Secret” (125-1) : If she uses any song from her “Bedtime Stories” album, this one is the most likely.
“Ray of Light” (150-1) : I don’t see this song fitting into this particular format. Doesn’t segue well into her other songs.
“Open Your Heart” (200-1) : the stripper outfit from the video perhaps…
“Who’s that Girl?” (250-1) : if she decides to sing most of the show in Spanish. This will combo nicely with “La Isla Bonita.”
“Into the Groove” (500-1) : I just don’t think she’ll use any songs from her movies.
“Hung Up” (500-1) too techno.
“Live to Tell”, “I’ll Remember”, “Take a Bow” (750-1) : too slow.
“Beautiful Stranger” (999-1) : maybe the chorus part only.
“Rain” (1,000-1) : this year, the game is being played indoors. No chance for showers this time.
“This used to be my Playground” (1,000-1) : you know this song is about baseball, right?
“Frozen” (2,000-1) : maybe if the game is being played in Green Bay, WI.
“Crazy for You” (2,500-1) : it’s a F****ing PROM song!
“Die Another Day” (5,000-1) : the only thing worse than Madonna’s acting in that Bond film is this putrid song.
“Don’t Cry for me Argentina” (10,000-1) : right after NBC loses ratings by record numbers.
“Justify My Love”, “Human Nature”, “Erotica” (100,000-1) : No way NBC will allow it, post-Janet Jackson fiasco.

As for the rest…
The Field, i.e.: any other Madonna song (250-1)
any Lady Gaga song (12-1) : to get back at her for “Born this Way”.
any Elton John song (25-1) : just to get the last word on the current “feud”.
any Faith Hill song (99-1) : why didn’t NBC use her in the first place?! She’s sings their Sunday Night Football theme song, for crissakes!


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