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For those who need a Sherlock Holmes fix more than Holmes needed a 7% coke fix

Cover of Issue #1
Issue 1 cover art

Good news for those who can’t wait for the Sherlock Holmes movie 3 (I’m looking at you Warner Bros): there is a new website dedicated to the Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine. The sites launched with the first six issues available on sale, but since it is supposed to be a quarterly magazine, I doubt they will keep us this pace (unless sales go really, really well). I have been informed that this publication has the blessings and approval of Sir Artur Conan Doyle’s estate. Which means it may be the only sanctioned Sherlock Holmes publications (in English). I’ll try to get verification from the publisher.

Unlike the Guy Ritchie films, which revels in the steampunk aesthetic, the cover art for the magazines brings back the pulp art style of 1950’s comic books. Check out the cover of issue #1 over on the left. Holmes looks more like a villain with his menacing look staring directly at us.

You could also purchase issues over that their parent site at Wildside Press.


One thought on “For those who need a Sherlock Holmes fix more than Holmes needed a 7% coke fix

  1. ? Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine has been published for 2 years. (That’s why there are 6 issues, with #7 about to appear.) And yes, it’s licensed through the Doyle estate. We finally gave it its own web site.

    — John Betancourt (the publisher)


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