Song of the moment: “Somebody I used to know” by Gotye

God, I hate being late to the party when it comes to music. I try not to use a song that is getting major radio airplay as a SotM, unless I have some really funny comment to say about it. So The Black Keys’ “Lonely Boy” is disqualified on two counts (though I really, really like that song). I just heard this song on the radio this week, although I know this has been out for a while. The good news for me is that I discovered a couple of new radio stations that play new music during my morning drive to work. So there is more opportunities to update my SotM posts. I initially saw the video on the net as a commentator’s response to a 2011 songs of the year post somewhere. (I forgot where). I was distracted by the body painting, since it is a trope older than the medium, so I wasn’t impressed when I first heard the song. That’s right people, I don’t usually watch music videos. (I suppose it goes back to my deprived childhood… being the only GenXer in America without access to MTV in the ’80’s.) Anyway, congrats to Gotye for being my first SotM of 2012. It might not last long. Now that Matt Pinfield is back on the air, I can finally cross off one thing that’s been on my bucket list since 1986.


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