Song of the moment – “We Found Love” by Rihanna

First off, I must make deep apologies for a lack of updates. I had a “Song of the Moment” last month, but I never got around to posting it. (Sorry Jane’s Addiction, but if it’s any consolation, I didn’t think they would have a new album out in 2011 on the account that I thought half the members of the band would be dead by now. So for those keeping score at home, add “Irresistible Force” as an honorable mention.) But now we turn our attention to music’s current favorite bad girl who can actually sing, the lovely Rihanna. Her latest song is not very different thematically from her other songs. As far as the video goes, let’s just say that other wannabe “bad girls” should be taking notes on how to make a music video. However, while Ri-Ri may have found love in a hopeless place, she and producer Calvin Harris found inspiration for the track in a hopelessly mediocre song from 2000.

Perhaps it is just me and I am just hearing things, but I find similarities between “We Found Love” with the forgotten house song “Take Your Time” by The Love Bite. Probably not enough for a lawsuit, but I will bet money that Mr Harris had heard this song during his formative years, and has been stuck in his subconscious. I give this song my approval because I hope that other techno/dance songs from 2000-2003 get sampled, or covered, or even become the inspiration of today’s artists. During that time it seemed that techno music was becoming mainstream, as artists such as Daft Punk, iiO, Alice DJ, and Darude were being played on radio stations all across the dial – from pop to dance to alternative formats. So I’m throwing down the gauntlet… Lady Gaga – I DARE you to sample Spiller, Delerium, Fragma, or the Gorillaz. It would be the most creative and original idea you would have to date. Or am I five years too soon to start waxing nostalgic for the early ‘aughts?


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