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NFL analysis after Week 2

Now that we are more than two weeks into the NFL regular season, it’s time to give my impressions of the young campaign. For it’s never too early to overreact when it comes to football. I mean, we are 12.5% complete already! That’s the equivalent of 20 MLB games, 10 NHL games, 5 Premiership football games, or 12.5% more than the projected 2011-2012 NBA season.

It’s easy to say don’t panic after just 2 games, but here are a few teams that should panic. Not because they stink (for the silver lining to being awful is winning the “Andrew Luck Sweepstakes.”) These are the teams that are bad, but not bad enough to be the worst:

  • Seahawks – they are 0-2, but those games were on the road. On the other hand, they do have to play the NFC East and AFC North. So there’s hope for this franchise in either direction.
  • Panthers – So Cam Newton has impressed fans and critics alike. So even if they continue to lose these shootouts, they already have their franchise QB.
  • Rams and 49ers – I lump them together because they are both in the pathetic NFC West. They can rack up cheap wins beating up on each other.
  • Browns and Bengals – almost the same as above. Except replace “are both in” with “both play the.”

Here is my Bottom 5 of my Power Rankings Fan vote. (I won’t list all 32 because: (1) I’m lazy; and (2) because of the NFL’s parity, there is little difference between the middle sixteen.

28 – Vikings: I was a defender of Donovan McNabb ten years ago, when critics stated that he wasn’t a Top Ten QB. Now, the roles are reversed: I believe he is no longer a Top Ten QB, while the pundits continue to place him just below the elite.
29 – Dolphins: They are the only 0-2 team that lost both games at home. Not only are they two games behind the Patriots and Jets (no surprise here), but they are already 2 back of the Bills (surprise!).
30 – Colts: Can they really go from Peyton Manning to Andrew Luck? It sure seems so. If the Texans can’t win the AFC South this year, they never will.
31 – Seahawks: If they lose at home to the Cardinals this week, then it’s Full Panic mode for Seattle.
32 – Chiefs: I feel sorry for Head Coach Todd Haley. They were due for a letdown year, but injuries have accelerated the slide back to the median into a free-fall to the bottom.

Over in the Fantasy Football World

It is real easy to turn a ffb season around. Maybe you took my advise, and took Jamaal Charles early, and passed up on taking a second and third Patriot or Lion. Even if you tanked the draft, a complete overhaul is possible, albeit difficult. Don’t go after the “Week 1” Wonders (i.e. players that came out of nowhere to produce ridiculous numbers on Opening Day) – very few of them ever maintain such production throughout the rest of the season. The new kickoff rule will be a boon for ffb. If you get points for KR yardage, returners will gain more yardage if they return kicks out of the end zone (especially if they get a 100+ yd TD). With more drives starting inside the 20, there is more potential to get more yardage points across the board (particularly QBs). So there are so many more potential waiver wire sleepers out there. Like the Peter,Bjorn and John song says, just Dig a Little Deeper.


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