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Anyone need a good FFB team name?

When I used to play Fantasy football, I was known for two gimmicks: (1) never using the same team name twice; and (2) always having a name that was anime-themed. I was also known for always reaching the semi-finals every year, but winning is not a gimmick. “Winning is a habit” – Vince Lombardi. Now that I am retired from the ffb business, I have revealed my secrets to success, and now I will release the names that I used.

“But Omnibus, I already have a cool team name….” Lemme guess, it is an innuendo or pun based on ether sex, drugs, or sports, am I right? Yawn. Yeah, you and 4,999 other guys have that name in an espn fantasy league. It’s not as original as you think. Heck, I was in one league in which TWO teams had the name “420’s.”

Alright, I’ll confess: in my last league that I ever played, I was already feeling burned out, and I didn’t want to be in this league full of Skeebos – I used a name that was not based on an anime. It was based on a crude joke – “The Cleveland Steamers.” Sadly, no one in my league got the reference. (Look it up on your own.) I won’t brag about being the first with that one, because I probably wasn’t. But if I was… I’ll take the credit.

Here’s a fun game for all you otaku out there, try to guess the anime I based the names on, and for bonus points, try to guess the year that I used them. Some of the former are obvious. The names are listed in alphabetical order.

Boogiepop Phantoms
Central Park Slayers
Dallas Cowboy Bebops
Dirty Pairs
Fullmetal Alchemists
Karakura Soul Reapers
Knight Sabers
Lucifer Hawks
Medical Mechanica
Miami Guns
Rowdy Rough Boys
SteamPunk Rockers
Steel Angels
Sunday’s Dreamers

They are not just good for fantasy football team names. They can be used for more than that. You can use them as a blog name,an online alter-ego, any other fantasy sports league, etc. Remember, nothing says “I’m serious” than a really cool sounding inside joke or obscure reference, unless it’s both! As always, enjoy!


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