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Songs of the moment: “Young Blood” by the Naked and Famous, “Helena Beat” by Foster the People

I must confess that one of my recurring features had been hamstrung by the fact that my favorite radio station had been sold ad changed its format from modern rock to talk radio. (If they thought ratings were bad in New York for a alt-rock format, have they even seen the ratings of the fiascos that were the last two FM talk radio stations? Nobody, and I mean nobody stuck around to listen to David Lee Roth take Howard Stern’s place on FM. And while the latter was building a little momentum, it could not survive after Opie and Anthony’s biggest controversy.) Two of the last new songs they played are my current songs of the moment.

This is the first time I have two Songs of the Moment. I do not want to make two separate posts; that would appear that I really didn’t like the first song that much at all. I want to give both songs their proper due. I will try not to have more than one Song of the Moment in a post in the future.

Before I get to the SotM, I want to list all the honorable mentions that just missed the cut. I try my best not to give the honor to established bands. Therefore, even though I like their latest offerings, I will not pick the FF’s song which sounds like every other single of theirs from the past decade. Nor will I choose the RHCP’s song which surprisingly doesn’t sound like every other single of theirs from the past two decades. (Excluding covers). Other contenders include Death Cab for the Cutie’s “You are a Tourist”, and a song that sounds like it’s from DCfC, Two Door Cinema Club‘s “What You Know.”

When I first heard the first song, “Young Blood”, I thought it was by Passion Pit. While PP hails from Cambridge, MA, the N&F are from the antipodes of Cambridge, Auckland, New Zealand. (I looked it up – it’s very close). I’ll leave it to all of you to insert your own punchline regarding the band’s name. I will say this: I am not a fan of the video. They either should have stuck with just the band members, or just use younger looking actors. Was everyone else in NZ on the set of The Hobbit during the shooting of this video?

I also try not to use the same artist for SotM twice in a short period off time. That is why I am so happy I did not use “Pumped up Kicks” for SotM. Because “Helena Beat” is a much better song. According to a YouTube poster, the song is a metaphor about Hollywood, and how show business corrupts young talent. And if MTV had an issue with their last video, boy are they gonna love this one!


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