What I learned today

Once upon a time, I had a list titled, “Everything I needed to know I learned from Rock and Roll lyrics.” It was categorized in alphabetical order. Sadly, it was lost in 2006 (backups too.) It turns out that I can learn a lot without the benefit of music. For example, today I heard two profound quotes, and saw a banner above a store near my house. And I want to share these with you, the internet. I won’t explain the context. That’s for you to figure out. As always, enjoy!

Re: Non-non Euclidian geometry:

“The quickest way between from point A to point B is to let go of A”.

Re: Microeconomics for primates:

“You can’t teach a monkey to sell bananas.”

Re: Engrish:
Dot Warner is moving to the neighborhood?

10% off – starting with this banner!


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